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Why business analysis is important in software development

Many companies believe an accurate business analysis is not necessary for their product as they know well what they want. However, business analysts ensure that what you want is what you actually need and make sure the end product meets those needs. Importantly, no two projects are the same as every company has different specifications and thus requires a different approach. An experienced business analyst is there to help you.

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6 steps of bespoke software development process

Buying off-the-shelf software and developing bespoke solutions from scratch differ in many aspects. The two most important ones are the wait time and the costs, which are the vital factors for many companies. Organisations prefer to use a commercial product because they can start using it right away, however, there is a reason why bespoke software solution development takes both time and money.

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8 benefits of bespoke software

Contrary to commercial products, tailor-made software is a solution offering your company all the necessary features that are relevant to your team. It can take both time and money to develop an individually crafted program, but it should be regarded as investing in the future of your business. If you wonder how you can benefit from using a bespoke solution, keep on reading.

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Bespoke software vs. off-the-shelf software

With the world rushing by, many businesses decide to invest in a software that would help them differentiate their company from the competitors and thus succeed. When looking for a software solution, you have two options – buying an off-the-shelf software produced for the mass-market or have a bespoke software designed and developed to meet all of your requirements. Your choice depends on the type of your business, its specifications, your budget and many more factors. If you want to know which solution is the best option for your company and why, keep on reading.

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What is bespoke software

Nowadays, as we all rely on information technology in both our private and professional lives, various industries use bespoke software solutions on a daily basis, which helps them to improve the workflow of their companies. However, as you can probably imagine, different companies have different responsibilities and thus specifications and that is exactly why they decide to use bespoke software – saving both time and money.

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5 ways to improve team communication

It doesn't matter whether you're the man in charge and you've noticed your employees are having trouble getting along with each other, a project manager who's not quite sure how to reach the people you're working with or just an employee who's fed up with the atmosphere in the office. This article is for you.

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