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Mind maps - are they useful for Project Managers?

We all keep looking for more innovative and effective ways of managing our precious time. We all try to be creative, remember more and solve problems more effectively. We move towards more agile ways of managing projects. We try different online and offline tools helping us reach our goals or supporting us in everyday life.

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The Best Free Web-Based UX Design Prototyping Tools

A prototyping tool comes in handy when you want to achieve exceptional UX or if you want to work on designing your own website. It also is an excellent tool to use to show potential web developers what you want your website to look like. There are four very easy to use prototyping tools: Moqups, Quirktools, Wireframe, and Invision App.

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Enhance the User’s Experience with These 5 Mobile UX Design Tips

A mobile UX design that emphasises speed and simplicity, however, increases the odds that the consumer will be able to complete a CTA or other transaction process before having to switch his attention elsewhere. Here are five simple mobile design tips that will help maximise the user experience and help increase conversion rates.

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When You Need a Bespoke Software Solution and How to Obtain It

Off-the-shelf software has its place. It can be less expensive than bespoke software and takes less time to implement. However, much of what comes pre-packaged is never used. Also, there is a finite limit to canned software capabilities that can impede production and business growth. The lack of customisable options also inhibits the scalability in the long term.

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The Importance of Considering Failure

A 2012 study found that around 70% of all IT projects failed at some stage, and that somewhere in the region of 17% of all large scale projects with big budgets went so badly that they threatened the very existence of the parent company itself. Additionally, the study found that many participants on new, large scale IT projects expect them to fail from the off-set. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever for businesses to identify potential problems before a project starts, and also accept that a project may not be successful.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Mobile App

The data is clear. Mobile use is on the rise, and so is the percentage of people who make purchases using their mobile devices. In fact, a recent survey suggests that 32 % of the UK’s smartphone users make monthly purchases on their cell phones. In order to have a shot at that portion of the market and open up a new revenue stream, businesses need to channel some of their budget and strategy into mobile app development.

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