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What is system integration

No matter how many innovative tools your business is using, they may turn out to be counterproductive when working separately. The latest technologies help your company to remain competitive only when they are properly integrated. Even though only a few businesses have heard of connecting various components and features into one and even fewer organisations have experienced its benefits, system integration is a must.

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Bespoke software vs. off-the-shelf software

With the world rushing by, many businesses decide to invest in a software that would help them differentiate their company from the competitors and thus succeed. When looking for a software solution, you have two options – buying an off-the-shelf software produced for the mass-market or have a bespoke software designed and developed to meet all of your requirements. Your choice depends on the type of your business, its specifications, your budget and many more factors. If you want to know which solution is the best option for your company and why, keep on reading.

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5 ways to improve team communication

It doesn't matter whether you're the man in charge and you've noticed your employees are having trouble getting along with each other, a project manager who's not quite sure how to reach the people you're working with or just an employee who's fed up with the atmosphere in the office. This article is for you.

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3 reasons why you need information dashboards

When feeling not productive enough, it is often hard to find the exact cause in order to fight it. There is no doubt it is easier to blame being messy or badly organized, forgetting things or postponing meetings one after another, when none of these things is the actual cause. What may be the real trouble is having too much on your mind and putting too much pressure on yourself, especially in the fast world and mad times we live in. Luckily, there is a cure - information dashboards.

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Are hackers the good guys?

What most people might not be aware of is there are various kinds of hackers and the differences between them are nowhere near subtle. The most popular division of the hacker society is into so called white hats and black hats and the easiest way to understand those two is as ethical and non-ethical hackers.

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What is an Agile Retrospective and why do you need it?

Success is all about the relations between the team members. If you're looking for something that would improve team collaboration, the agile methodology is for you. You plan everything based on the needs of your team and the requirements of the project. You organise the Scrum Sprints that keep your team motivated and informed, and then there’s the retrospective meeting.

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