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How Machine Learning is changing your everyday life

As the definition says, machines learn from their previous actions and the most important part is they never stop. Machine Learning is going to get more and more clever, making both your life and your business easier whether you like it or not. However, what you should never forget is that every machine, every tool can be harmful when used unwisely.

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Why we need software testing

Some of us follow recipes, some create new flavours. No matter in which group we are, we all taste our meal before serving it to our guests. It might be hard when it comes to baking, but once you try the taste of a proper dough, you are ready to go and start a bakery. This example can easily be reflected in every area of our life. We all test things before doing something, especially in business. That is why every company needs software testing.

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How feedback can benefit your company

The way we benefit from feedback makes it worth the effort. If you have already started picturing the success of your company, let us tell you what exactly feedback is and why you need to start practicing it right now.

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5 tech skills that will boost your salary in 2017

With its ever-growing number of innovations, technology is probably the most demanding industry in the world. It never stops and neither should you if you are a tech employee trying to stay on board. That is why you should never stop learning and that is also why you should know the top tech skills employers will be looking for in candidates this year.

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Tech Trends That Ruled 2016

Now that 2017 has started the entire Internet will be loaded with predictions of what to expect next. Before you find yourself lost somewhere between a blog post about the Internet of Everything ruling the world and videos of robots carrying out surgeries, it is perhaps worth taking a break and realising what tech trends revolutionised our lives last year.

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Where to look for the best programmers?

There are more than a few factors that make us think American programmers are the best in the entire world, one of them is called Bill Gates. HackerRank, a platform gathering engineers from all around the globe, decided to examine their data to see which country is number one at programming, proving that an American dream is not as sweet as most people tend to think.

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