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Keeping Developers Motivated and Happy

Despite the many reasons for making a commitment to specific goals and trying harder, one major barrier to the motivation of developers is the excuse. Before a developer even realises it, they can find themselves in a pool of chores at home, kids to take to football practice and the other aspects of daily life that can interrupt the creative flow.

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IT Leaders Wanting To Stay on Top Should Watch These Topics

IT leaders are expected to keep abreast on the goings-on in the industry. But with so many new products, processes and theories being developed, it can be difficult to know what deserves their attention most. Here is a list of topics that commonly cause a buzz.

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Ideas for Business Mobile Apps

The secret to the successful and broad reach of some businesses comes down to one simple solution: the mobile app. No longer is it only the big brands that can take advantage of all of the benefits that mobile apps have to offer.

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Why Your Business Needs a Service-Level Agreement

Although your business may take great care to ensure that every client transaction goes as smoothly as possible, unforeseen issues can come to the forefront. Should this happen, the simplest of tasks can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that virtually any disaster with a client or project can be quickly addressed: have a service-level agreement (SLA).

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Mind maps - are they useful for Project Managers?

We all keep looking for more innovative and effective ways of managing our precious time. We all try to be creative, remember more and solve problems more effectively. We move towards more agile ways of managing projects. We try different online and offline tools helping us reach our goals or supporting us in everyday life.

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Seven Smart Ways to Utilise NFC in Your Business

NFC technology isn’t just a device-to-device technology. It has since grown to include the use of tags, which allow for even more expanded use of NFC in business. The more commonplace it becomes, the more ways businesses are discovering NFC can be used in their marketing efforts. Here are seven smart ways you can use NFC in your business.

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