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The Hybrid Mobile Application: A Viable Alternative to Native or Mobile Web Solutions?

Many business owners express confusion when confronted with the choice of mobile apps. Traditionally, the decision was possibly less complex, as there were only two apps to choose from: the native app, and the web apps. Today, however, there is a new addition to the list: the hybrid app.

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The Best Free Web-Based UX Design Prototyping Tools

A prototyping tool comes in handy when you want to achieve exceptional UX or if you want to work on designing your own website. It also is an excellent tool to use to show potential web developers what you want your website to look like. There are four very easy to use prototyping tools: Moqups, Quirktools, Wireframe, and Invision App.

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Predictions for Mobile App Development

The fierce competition in the mobile space continues, and, as a result, developers continue to look for the next big thing. Indeed, all it takes is to leverage an emerging trend, and an app can quickly rise to superstardom. With the mobile development industry continuing its evolution, there’s no better time than now to share our predictions for the industry this year.

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Mobile Cross-Platform Issues

Native Development is building a software program on a particular platform, making it indigenous to the platform. When an application is built for a particular platform, it only works best on that platform. When you try to switch it from one operating system to another, problems arise.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Mobile App

The data is clear. Mobile use is on the rise, and so is the percentage of people who make purchases using their mobile devices. In fact, a recent survey suggests that 32 % of the UK’s smartphone users make monthly purchases on their cell phones. In order to have a shot at that portion of the market and open up a new revenue stream, businesses need to channel some of their budget and strategy into mobile app development.

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The User Experience – Blessing, Or Curse?

Most business owners have encountered the term ‘user experience’ at some point in their business’s lifetime. For many, the user experience, or UX is little more than a large question mark. But not understanding it can mean that your business misses out on all of the magical elements that need to come together in order for your customers to make a purchase from you.

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