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6 steps of system integration process

When acquiring software, many companies decide to buy only the components that they actually need at the moment. This way may be cheaper and thus seem more profitable at the beginning, but can very quickly become counterproductive. As your organisation evolves, you start using more and more independent tools, this results in productivity drop and inaccurate data analysis. Luckily, system integration is here to save your business.

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5 benefits of system integration

In order to remain competitive, a company can either buy off-the-shelf software, have a bespoke solution developed to meet their exact needs or have all of their already existing and used systems integrated into one, saving not only money but also time which they could spend on learning how to use a new platform. However, time is not the only advantage of system integration. If you want to discover how having your systems integrated can change your business, keep on reading.

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What is system integration

No matter how many innovative tools your business is using, they may turn out to be counterproductive when working separately. The latest technologies help your company to remain competitive only when they are properly integrated. Even though only a few businesses have heard of connecting various components and features into one and even fewer organisations have experienced its benefits, system integration is a must.

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Don't forget about UX in cross-platform designing

Nowadays it is no longer possible to predict from what kind of platforms users access your website or app. With a growing number of smartphones, smart TVs and many more smart devices, a need for innovative multi-platform design is essential, especially if you care about how many users access your app – and you obviously do. Because of different sizes of different devices, designing only one solution will not, unfortunately, do the job. Can you imagine accessing a desktop-only app from your mobile or mobile-only website from your smart TV?

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What makes a good test engineer?

For a software development company to succeed, it takes more than a team of talented software engineers, more than a few experienced project managers, more than one or two trustworthy founders. In fact, it takes exceptional testers, who most probably are the most responsible people in the entire company as they make sure the product they deliver is -- quite literally -- flawless. Are you suitable for the job?

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Why your company needs a business analyst

A lot of companies often take the need of a business analyst with a pinch of salt, being falsely convinced that the job can easily be done by a project manager or web developer. The research, however, shows that only 21% of all the projects turn out to be a success. The rest fails mainly because of lack of proper communication between a client and the developers. Wondering what this kind of person does exactly?

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