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Managing laziness with the best project management methodology

A human is a terribly lazy creature. At least 99% of us are lazy and I will leave it up to you to decide whether you are one of them. It’s part of human nature to be lazy. That’s why, you can either keep struggling with the fact that you don’t have wings – or you can learn to live with what you have.

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Key reasons why good business analysis is essential for a successful project

Project failures are very expensive, devastating and challenging. To make sure all the project requirements are met, strong business analysis skills are critical and more important than ever before.

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Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering

Every application, regardless of scope or size should involve the gathering of requirements from the client, because this is what allows both the client and the IT team to understand exactly what a application will deliver, and avoid the costly downtime of rejecting applications or adding new requirements.

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The Best Free Web-Based UX Design Prototyping Tools

A prototyping tool comes in handy when you want to achieve exceptional UX or if you want to work on designing your own website. It also is an excellent tool to use to show potential web developers what you want your website to look like. There are four very easy to use prototyping tools: Moqups, Quirktools, Wireframe, and Invision App.

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Improve your Web Design Using Your Own Font Project

Gone are the days of boring, static web design font options that have long constrained the creativity and branding capabilities of web designers. The demand for personalised fonts has come full circle with the development of simple to use sites (many offering free tools) that allow the user to create fonts all their own.

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Enhance the User’s Experience with These 5 Mobile UX Design Tips

A mobile UX design that emphasises speed and simplicity, however, increases the odds that the consumer will be able to complete a CTA or other transaction process before having to switch his attention elsewhere. Here are five simple mobile design tips that will help maximise the user experience and help increase conversion rates.

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