5 business processes that you should automate today

Your company needs to evolve all the time and you need to lead it to success. Nowadays, the market and the whole working environment is changing rapidly and to stay competitive you should keep up the pace. Automating your processes should be one of your vital goals. It can help you increase efficiency and save a lot of time that can be used by employees to get involved in the crucial processes. Statistics are cruel but you should be familiar with them to better understand the problem. 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. 40% of productivity is lost to task-switching. Reports are full of numbers and statistics and you can see that there is a lot to work to do. These and many other problems can be solved by automating the processes in your company. Below you will find a few examples of processes you should automate in your company.


Automating sales by implementing special software solutions is one of the most wanted and most needed things when talking about automating processes. It can significantly boost the efficiency and accuracy of the sales process. At the same time, it ensures that you will not miss any opportunity and be ready for many possibilities. Your sales team can focus more on finding new customers and improving communication with them while the software solution performs many repetitive and time consuming tasks. Other benefits of sales automation are, for example, increased revenue and a reduced sales cycle due to more tasks performed at the same time. Different solutions can even forecast future sales and predict the tendencies on the market based on data gathered from archived transactions. It also makes evaluating the performance of the sales team easier and monitors the communication with the customers. You should carefully pick the features most needed in your future sales automation software solution to make the most of it.

Customer service

Quality and time are critical for customers especially when they need assistance. Automation of customer service can improve both of these critical factors. It reduces the time needed to resolve issues and you can be sure that no question is left without an answer as to what influences future sales. One of the ways to automate customer service is to implement a Chabot to your company. It might be programmed to answer, and ask the most crucial questions and create databases that make work more efficient.  But there are more ways to automate this process and human interaction still is very important. Tools are meant to help with the work not to replace a human.

Expense tracking

Manual tracking of your expenses can be a reason for many errors and is very time consuming. By using a tracking software solution your employees can send reports and do everything online that is, once again, less time consuming and much more accurate in many situations. Software solutions can be equipped with special features helping, not only to monitor the expenses but to analyse them and identify cost saving opportunities. Adjusting your budget needs to be done from time to time and with all that data gathered by software solutions, you might be able to identify more opportunities and use them to lower expenses.


If your company is focused on production of tangible products, one of the most crucial processes you should automate is packaging, especially when your products are highly demanded and you want your company to develop. Manual packaging is time consuming and might limit your delivery potential and, in this case, automating means using machinery for sealing, labelling, taping, weighting and more, but also having a software will coordinate all these processes, gather data and allow you to manage the efficiency. In this case, it takes time to find compatible software and hardware and learn how they work. By automating your packaging you can easily increase productivity, reduce material wastage, lower the costs and improve the quality of the packaging that prevents product damaging during delivery.

Social Media

Marketing is very important for most of the companies and it needs a lot of attention but some of the processes may also be automated. Nowadays, a lot of content is spread through various social media sites and taking care of many accounts can be a time consuming task. You can, for example, automate the social media campaigns and schedule many posts for days ahead. You can be sure that they will be published exactly at the scheduled time and in the most suitable form. By doing so, you can save more time to communicate with your clients and create a bond between you and them that will allow you to create more accurate and substantive content tailored for them.

In most cases automating your processes helps you to save time and use it to increase your productivity in many different fields. In many cases you can achieve that by adopting new software solutions tailored especially for your company and its needs. Consider finding an IT partner for your business who will create a software solution especially for you and maintain it during the company growth. Make your mind up and find your way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitor.

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