With its ever-growing number of innovations, technology is probably the most demanding industry in the world. It never stops and neither should you if you are a tech employee trying to stay on board. We are living in a technological era where nothing is constant and everything is changing, especially when it comes to tech trends and tech solutions. That is why you should never stop learning and that is also why you should know the top tech skills employers will be looking for in candidates this year.

At the end of 2016, LinkedIn revealed the Top Skills of 2016, the list of the most desired skills based on the hiring and recruiting activities on their site. Even though LinkedIn has distinguished 14 different lists from 14 different countries including France, Netherlands and Singapore, these skills will be in-demand no matter what country you live in. The five that I have chosen seem to be the most universal and, what is even more important, the most financially rewarding.

5. Data science

Everything is becoming smart and it is data that is most probably the main reason why. Even though the process of storing and analysing information is ages old, all businesses, both big and small, are becoming more and more concerned with the possibility of saving time and money while improving their productivity and knowing their customers and their habits better. The problem with data, however, is the amount. Storing and analysing petabytes of data gives you little information that is actually relevant, and that is exactly why companies seek employees who can take huge amounts of data and create huge amounts of information out of it.

R and SAS are most probably the languages you should know when it comes to statistical analysis, however, data presentation is becoming just as important. Prepare yourself, as showing the information you store and analyse in a plain way may be expected.

4. User Interface (UI) design

There is no longer such thing as a designer as there is more than just one person responsible for how things look, with User Interface designer and User Experience designer being the most popular ones. It seems, however, that skills of UI designers will be in demand more than ever this year as employers expect their apps, programs and websites to attract their users with their creative and modern looks. Please remember that even though UI designer deals with how the program looks and UE designer with how it works, both roles are crucial for the program or app to work properly.

The position demands not only graphic design skills and front-end web development skills, but also some soft skills like communication which is essential in understanding what your customers actually need and want.

3. Mobile development

As more and more people are turning to smartphones and tablets, the demand for mobile development grows. There is no doubt that apps make life easier for both individuals as they save time, and companies as they can help save money and improve their productivity. That is why companies are in search of employees building apps for both Android and iOS, but also implementing mobile-friendly websites to allow their users to explore them anytime and anywhere.

Cross-platform development skills are crucial here as apps must work on different types of devices, however, User Experience and User Interface design skills are just as useful.

2. Cloud computing

The fact that Cloud and Distributed Computing takes first place in LinkedIn's Top Skills of 2016 does not come as a surprise. It is no longer a matter of migrating your files and apps to the cloud and storing them there, most of computing processes take place in the cloud now. It allows companies to save time and money by improving the flow of information and thus their productivity.

Skills you should have include cloud management, cloud migration and cloud security. You should also be familiar with programs like Microsoft Azure and languages like Python or JavaScript.

1. Cyber security

With the growth of interest in innovative technologies, the interest in securing them will grow just as much. Sadly, Network and Information Security is #6 on the list and that is clearly why we are hearing more and more often about data breaches and cyber attacks. Not paying enough attention to security has resulted in personal information being stolen from billions of users, such as Yahoo has experienced. Whether the company is big or small, securing it and its workers is a must.

This is probably the most demanding position to fill as the candidate must be skilled at programming in general, he or she must also know scripting languages and understand firewalls and operating systems, and more.



Even though the industry is constantly changing and what is popular right now may be the past tomorrow, gaining the skills that are expected now is more than beneficial. There are more and more innovative technologies that will require you to learn even more and the sooner you start, the easier it will be to have one of the best paying jobs in the world.

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