The undeniable advantages of bespoke software solutions are attracting more and more companies. The system is designed and developed to meet all of your specific requirements and thus to help your business to succeed. However, many people still believe custom software are dedicated to unique industries only. As bespoke software development specialists, we want to show you that every business can benefit from it.

As opposed to tailor-made solutions, there are off-the-shelf products. Such software are developed for the mass market to meet the needs of as many companies as possible. Unfortunately, the most popular functionalities are not always enough, this is why it is sometimes better not to go with the flow. I have explained the differences between off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions here.       

How bespoke software help you on a daily basis

In part one, I have discussed the advantages of tailor-made solutions which enable your company to grow in the long term. With proper features, you and your employees can learn to manage your time better and save money, which helps your business to remain competitive and prosper. Now, I would like to explain how bespoke software solutions can help you to become more productive and thus improve the general workflow of your organisation.

  1. Control

The hardest part of running a business is actually owning it. When you are not feeling stable, things may very easily get out of control. Luckily, a bespoke software can help in gaining it back because of:

How HeadChannel helped

Manufacturers may find it hard to monitor all of their stocks. However, any inaccuracy on any level of production may make it impossible to deliver the product. That is why we designed and developed a multi-user order processing system which allows a manufacturer to monitor the stocks and thus improve the workflow of the company. They can generate and store invoices from all of the purchases. The platform is also equipped with a business intelligence tool, which displays all of the data.

  1. Maintenance

With off-the-shelf systems, you are almost literally left on your own when it comes to dealing with a problem or a bug. That is why maintenance is the biggest advantage of bespoke software solutions. The developers help you with:

  1. Scalability

When your business evolves, it is often necessary to buy a new commercial software which would adjust to your growing expectations. Bespoke software, on the contrary, evolves along with your business. You can benefit from its scalability due to:

How HeadChannel helped

Old and experienced companies often do not follow the newest technologies and rely on their software which they have built many years ago. Not only are they used to their solution, they are also afraid of a new one. However, when a company connecting sales professionals asked us for a renovation of their old platform, we were able to add many features and enable a lot of new employees to access the solution thanks to its scalability. Their customers can now pay for and renew their licence directly from the platform and access it from their mobile phones as well.

  1. Automation

There is still a vast number of companies who work manually when they could easily automate over a half of their processes and tasks. Nowadays, automating should not be seen as a choice, but as an opportunity which helps your company to remain competitive. By supporting these processes, a bespoke software can have a great impact on:

How HeadChannel helped

One of our customers needed a staff recruitment platform for both companies looking for temporary employees and people seeking a flexible job. Everyone can access the solution from their own personalised profiles. Automating most of the tasks allows job seekers to better manage their calendars and recruiters – to easily find best fitting candidates. That way both sides can find more valuable offers.



As you can see, many of these advantages overlap each other as they are clearly inseparable. Saving time allows you to save money, saving money allows you to grow, etc. Investing in a bespoke software solution is not only investing in your future, but also in the quality of your work. Improving your workflow and boosting your productivity can actually make you love what you do.

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