Analysis and design

To ensure our solution meets your needs, we analyse your requirements, plan strategically and then design a solution that adds value to your business.

Our software expertise, web design and analysis will help your systems to work effectively and efficiently.


We create software for people

The analysis and design process helps us to explore the challenges and opportunities your company faces today — and what's coming tomorrow. We pinpoint the key issues and then design the ideal solution, ensuring our software meets your exact needs.

With our expertise, you can stay ahead of the game and save time and money by upgrading your existing products and processes.


Business analyst role

Our business analysts go beyond conventional requirement gathering. After gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business and vision, we streamline and enhance the software development process. Our analysts serve as a communications bridge between you and our developers ... and will guide you every step of the way, as your solution takes shape.

UX audits and user surveys

Our UX audits can identify and solve issues with your website that frustrate users and lose you business. UX audits can find out why your conversion rate is low and how you can change your fortunes quickly and effectively. In essence, you gain a clearer understanding of your users and their needs.



New ideas are often easier to grasp when you see them in a visual format — rather than a hefty written document. At HeadChannel, we always try to keep life clear and simple.

After analysing your needs, our team produces an easier-to-understand graphic presentation of the solution prototype. It's a great way to share what's needed with everyone involved, including our developers and designers.

Let us turn your good ideas into a successful solution.

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