Benchmarking tool

System for interviews and questionnaires for an advisory company


Access Partnership is one of the leading consulting firms in the UK. They help various businesses from all around the globe grow by analysing global trends and thus identifying risks and opportunities they might create. Such a thorough analysis allows their customers to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities, which ensures continuous growth of a company.

When analysing the market, Access Partnership conducts a series of interviews and questionnaires. However, the process of preparing the questions and then writing down the answers was highly time-consuming and often prone to errors, which is why they decided to introduce automation to their business. Access Partnership asked HeadChannel to design and develop a benchmarking tool which would both speed up the process of building questionnaires and allow them to easily analyse the answers.

Benchmarking tool


To improve the cooperation between Access Partnership and their customers, we equipped the software in both front-end used by employees conducting the questionnaires and back-end managed by admins.



Benchmarking tool


With our benchmarking tool, Access Partnership is able to conduct questionnaires that are:

Benchmarking tool

Success story

By creating universal questionnaires and generating reports with a single click, Access Partnership managed to standardise the way they approach their customers. Our benchmarking tool allows them to speed up the entire process of surveying a company and ensure a thorough analysis of the market and their business condition at the same time. Having developed an easy-to-use and yet powerful survey software, we are now looking forward to further cooperation with Access Partnership.

Project facts

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