Business Intelligence tool for property management

Business Intelligence tool for property management


William Pears is one of the most significant property companies in the UK. In order to successfully manage not only thousands of properties but more importantly their own finances, they had to manually enter data into various spreadsheets. With time, they realised they required an innovative solution which would automate generating multiple reports regarding both their properties and lessees and thus enable them to gain greater control over their incomes and expenses. They asked HeadChannel to provide them with a business intelligence tool to easily organise data using different business parameters.

Our client wished to use Qlik to visualise their business data, which is why we designed and developed a powerful back-end of a business intelligence system and integrated it with the data visualisation application, allowing William Pears to effortlessly analyse automatically generated and categorised information.


Since the amount of information our client processed on a daily basis was constantly increasing, they required a solution which would enable them to easily organise data in order to analyse it. To improve this process, we equipped the back-end system with the following features:



Introducing automation to their business, William Pears now gains:

Success story

The business intelligence system allows William Pears to automatically generate an infinite variety of custom reports. Without the necessity of labour-intensive data manipulation required in Excel, the company saves up to 50 hours of work per report. Additionally, data visualisation enables them to analyse data from various perspectives and thus make more accurate long-term decisions.

Project facts

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