Digital transformation of care homes

Our client

We are pleased to have partnered with Harrison Aibangbee to launch our new ERP project. Harrison is the Director of Reeson Care Homes Ltd; an organization providing physical and emotional support for individuals living with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other complex needs.  

Our challenge

Until the pandemic, Reeson Care Homes were relying on a paper-based system to conduct their business affairs.

Paper-based systems present a significant array of drawbacks for organisations of all kinds; these drawbacks have become even more stifling during the Covid-19 pandemic and the era of remote working. Paper documents are liable to damage; files are easily lost, misplaced, ruined or stolen. This presents companies with security and confidentiality issues, especially when files contain sensitive information. Transporting, sharing and editing documents is often inefficient, cumbersome and complicated. This restricts the potential for collaboration and communication within organizations, which limits the potential for business growth overall. 

Our journey

At HeadChannel, we always aim to go the extra mile for our clients. This project was no exception. We not only worked to design and deliver a bespoke ERP system for Reeson Care Homes, but we also provided them with our knowledge and expertise in technical support. This was especially important because Harrison didn’t have an in-house IT office or department when we started working with him. Technical support was therefore essential for employees to successfully follow and take advantage of a new way of working. We based our ERP system on usability principles, to make it as easy as possible for staff to use this solution in their every-day.

In the first phase of our project, we supported Harrison to define his expectations, and build the project’s scope. We ran workshops and offline analysis to describe internal processes, and produced extended medical form specifications. We used specific analysis methods during these workshops, and asked targeted questions to identify the most important elements of the solution we were tasked with designing. 

In the development and testing phase, we defined bottlenecks. We worked to prevent error vulnerability and guarantee system reliability.

In the second phase of our project, we focused on designing the best technical architecture possible to meet Harrison’s requirements. We were responsible for selecting the right framework, data structure store and software libraries. Based on the Reeson Care Homes load predictions, we recommended infrastructure that would accommodate business growth, and would give them the option to sell their software solution to similar companies. 

Our solution

We developed a bespoke ERP system for Reeson Care Homes to provide a more efficient and effective way to manage business processes, and support business growth.

The following lists the main features of our ERP solution;

HR management

Our system simplifies and enhances employee management responsibilities. It keeps track of the personal details of all employees; their addresses, bank accounts, contract details and work locations. Managers can assign different pay rates, work permit registrations, and annual leave allowances to different users. They can also use the system to complete online compliance documents.

Residents database

This database stores and organises information about all residents including their personal information, physical health conditions, contracts arrangements, registration details, scanned documents, medical history and next of kin contact details. Reeson Care Homes software stores residents’ records across all company locations. It therefore provides consistent and up-to-date information, a standardised data structure and robust reporting possibilities.

Appointments management

Reeson Care Homes oversees residents living in a range of care home locations, each living with a variety of healthcare needs. Considering this, it was important to us to provide this organisation with a tool to oversee and manage the healthcare appointments of residents across all care homes.

Medical history and care notes

Our ERP system allows users to keep track of health progress notes for each resident. These records can be edited by members of staff, and approved by Team Leaders. Our bespoke templates enable users to track health conditions, identify professional recommendations and view multidisciplinary care plans. Users also have the option to export or email the report results for a selected resident if they wish.

Estate repairs management

Users can schedule maintenance works, choose customised repair types, plan requisitioners, and track costs. This provides site managers and managing directors with a quick and easy way to manage the estate repairs of different care home sites.

Event reporting

Employees can report incidents and conduct risk assessments using our system; this allows them to fulfil their obligation to follow the security and safety guidelines of Reeson Care Homes throughout their work.

Audits and inspections

Our system gives users the opportunity to create custom templates for audits and inspections. These can be designed from scratch. Users can structure them according to personal preferences, and create their own labels for headers rows and columns.

Data history and versioning

Keeping track of patients’ medical histories, and meeting data compliance standards are two important roles for all healthcare professionals. We therefore ensured that our ERP system would enable data versioning and permit access to comprehensive medical histories across all system records. This provides managers with a way of overseeing which employees are editing which medical records. This helps them to maintain transparency within Reeson Care Homes. 

Bespoke features

We added extra features to support tried and tested ways of working within our client’s business. We also provided Reeson Care Homes with a module that provides a self-configuring system whenever it is required. The system can be customised by editing system dictionaries with medical terminologies or incident types, and defining new document templates. 

The transformation

Making the switch from an offline to an online way of working required significant transformation in the everyday running of Reeson Care Homes. However, the benefits of making this switch and using our ERP solution, undeniably outweighed any inconvenience that might have been caused along the way. These benefits include;

Less paperwork

All document templates are now stored electronically, and records are kept up to date. Audit logs are kept in check, and document versioning is accommodated for. These functions provide greater transparency and accountability within Reeson Care Homes. 

The intuitive user interface of our ERP system also provides and quick and simple method to find, create and edit documents. This provides greater opportunities for better communication and collaboration within the organisation.

Process optimisation

The company’s transition into digitised business has given them the opportunity to review and re-evaluate the document templates, data handling procedures, and overall business processes they have been relying on. They have been able to make changes where necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the way they work.

Our ERM system optimised business processes by enabling multi-user view and editing features for important records that require a collaborative input. It has also given users the ability to customise tables, dashboards and widgets according to their role, preference and function. 

Families of residents can also now track a residents’ progress using an online or mobile app.

Robust reporting

Advanced reporting features have given users the opportunity to focus and manage data based on a specified date range, or care home location. A range of report types are available, depending on a user’s role within the organisation. Overview reports are generated on-demand, and can be accessed instantly by employees. 

Staff scheduling and management

Our ERP solution delivers a bespoke rostering function which automates the process of creating employee schedules. Managers are given access to an overview of all shifts planned in all locations. Wages are automatically calculated according to different pay rates and allowance types. An advanced calendar feature provides an overview of employee holiday bookings, and sick leave. Shifts and overtimes can also be tracked using a clock in/clock out solution.

Payroll, invoice and finance

Our solution integrates with advanced analytic tools such as Power BI, and payroll systems like Xero and Sage. System modules deliver invoice functions and facilitate online payments, and allow users to track bills and expenses.

A story of success

Using our bespoke ERP software has increased the operational efficiency of Reeson Care Homes, decreased the risk of human error, supported HR practises, improved resident records management, and made communication and collaboration easier. These benefits have allowed Reeson Care Homes to survive and thrive during the pandemic and allowed Harrison to run his organisation remotely.

Project facts

  • Team - Developers 4 (Team Lead and Architect 1, Backend dev 2, Frontend dev 1, QA 1, BA 1, PM 1.
  • Project management - Scrum for production and Kanban for maintenance.
  • Technology - Angular, HTML/CSS, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, Redis Cache, Metronic, SignalR.
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