How to choose the right software development company

If you decided to upgrade your old software or acquire a new software solution, you have made the next step for better prosperity of your business; however, the process is not yet finished. It has in fact just started, but there is no need to be scared of changes. Make small steps, one after another. Begin with defining your needs and choosing the right software house. Before making that decision you should define your preferences and do a good amount of research. Have in mind your requirements for an IT company, your future relations and the software itself. There are a lot of software houses on the market using different management methods, technologies and are focused on creating long-term relationships or just selling their product. When making the decision it is important to specify your own requirements and confront them with different candidates. Below you can find a list of things you should pay attention to while choosing the right software development company:

  • Methodology
    To choose an appropriate IT company for your business you should know which development methodology you want them to use. There are many options but the most common ones are Agile and Waterfall. Agile is a method of project management that involves dividing tasks into phases and keeping reassessing them after every sprint. On the other hand, Waterfall is about performing basic tasks separately, coming one after another. You can learn more about these two methodologies in this article. Choose the most suitable for you because it may also define your communication with your IT partner during your relationship.


  • Assertiveness and honesty
    Choose a partner that is not afraid to say no and can easily define what their field of expertise is. In your relationship, you need to be honest and trust each other. Do not be afraid if your partner is straightforward and sometimes assertive. You may hear from them that they, for example, prefer to work in JavaScript rather than in other languages and this is good because they should be professionals in their field of study and help you make changes, so be willing to let them suggest you solutions.

  • Technology
    Being an expert requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience which is why it is rarely possible to be a professional in multiple fields. That is why you should pay attention to your future partner`s field of expertise and interest. Small companies are more likely to have their own requirements and preferences in case of technology or way of working, which is why the discussion in the beginning of the project is so important. Pay attention to the technology that your partner will be using. What new opportunities will it give you, what will be achievable in the future thanks to it etc. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop both yourself and a more powerful software solution.


  • Partnership
    Choose the company that will meet your expectations and will not limit your business. There are software houses that provide their clients with all the services from the very beginning till the end of adoption process and maintenance. Instead of buying already made software solution consider acquiring a partner that will develop one for you from the scratch and will accompany and help you with any problems during all the stages of software development, implementation process and even afterwards. A strong relationship between companies may last for long years and should be beneficial for both of them. Your IT partner might be your advantage to win the competition.

  • Understanding your business
    Will the implementation of a new software be successful? Will your partner develop what your business really needs? Answers to these questions often depend on how well you and your IT partner understand your business and the whole industry. Your development partner should understand your challenges, what features do you need and, even more importantly, why do you need them. If they know the answers they will know what to put pressure on to create the most suitable and powerful solution for your company to face these challenges. By understanding your business they will also be able to help you focus on priorities and advise you from a technical perspective.


  • Communication
    While acquiring new IT partner be as clear and precise as possible about your expectations towards the whole project and the communication process. Ask many questions, for example, to what degree the company engages in building the vision of the project? Also check if the IT partner is using any project management tool which it shares with clients such as, Jira or Trello. It can make communication faster and easier. When you decide to outsource your software development abroad make sure that you will be able to easily and fluently communicate in English. Take into consideration time zones and time difference in both places. It might be problematic to communicate between countries on the opposite sides of the globe. You can read more about how to deal with time zone difference in software development outsourcing here.

  • Experience, portfolio & recommendations
    Before choosing your partner in software development, consider and compare all your options. Pay attention to the experience and the portfolio of the IT Company. You want the most experienced partner you can find because with experience comes quality and less time needed to fulfill tasks. By looking at the portfolio you can see what the field of expertise of a particular company is and what they specialize in. You can also search for recommendations and opinions from their previous partners.

how to choose the right software development company

To sum up
Be sure to make a thoughtful choice when selecting a software development company. You can gain more than just another software solution, potentially a partner for many years and many projects. Every business is different and it is you who will make the decision on behalf of the whole business. Look for a partner and not just the executor of your idea. When choosing your future IT partner for software development pay attention to these seven criteria and think about what should be your next step.

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