How to prepare your business for digital transformation

The world is changing rapidly and digital transformation affects all aspects of life and surrounds us with new technologies, ideas, and solutions. There is no other way than to just keep up the pace, change a stereotypical way of thinking and make the differences by ourselves. It is especially important for businesses. No matter if the business is big or small, present on the stock exchange or with limited liability, sooner or later the changes will be necessary. The only difference is the scale of changes and the moment a businessman realises that it is time to adopt new solutions and adapt to a new reality.

In the new digital era, it is increasingly common to find competitive advantages in technology. It happens by adopting new software solutions, developing digital skills and programs or by simply integrating systems in order to gain the maximum efficiency. What’s more, digital transformation has changed not only the tools that companies work with but also the way they work and, most importantly, the customers’ expectations and demands.

Digital Transformation concerns all aspects of organisations and companies including cloud, CRM, systems integration, analytics, customer experience, e-commerce, big data solutions etc. There is almost no possibility to keep up with the pace of the changes in all these aspects. Firstly you should change the way you think about your business today. You should shift from investing in old technologies to business strategies and analysis in order to gain knowledge about your company and its possibilities. With that knowledge, it will be easier to find out what technology upgrades your company needs the most and what should be the next move.

Are you ready?

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation? Do not get left behind your competition but remember to innovate your company at the right moment. At this point business analysis is very important. It can tell you where your business is in the competitive market and show you the solutions to your problems. What technologies to innovate and transform first? Put more pressure on customer relations or production? These and many more questions can be asked by an analyst and with that information, you will be sure when to apply your plan of digital transformation and prepare your company for it.

Choose the technologies

Not everything at once! After the business analysis you will have the idea what technology to transform and do it step by step without spending huge amounts of money at once. Generally, there are three major technologies that may be digitalised and affect your business operations. These are:

  • Big Data – it transforms big amounts of raw data into predictive and actionable insights
  • The Cloud – improves the accessibility to data for the whole company and is very scalable
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – provides operational intelligence and connects all the parts of the company

These are basic but very important parts of digital transformation and after implementing them you can focus on more specific technologies such as business intelligence or integrating all your internal systems.

Empower your employees

Another very important step in digital transformation is improving your employees’ knowledge. Training your employees is crucial because they will influence the overall efficiency of the company. If they do not understand the changes or perform specific tasks the whole digital transformation might be useless. Firstly, explain to your employees what will happen in the future and why it is necessary, they need to understand the reasons for the changes. Then, organise trainings for them and give them time to get used to new technology. There are many external companies that may help you with that, all you need to do is to find them and partner with them. To find out more about the preparation of your employees for digital changes read this article.


Digital Transformation will come sooner or later for your business but it is a good thing. Prepare for it and go with the flow to use it for the sake of your company. Use it to gain a competitive advantage and convince your customers that your company is the best by fulfilling their needs with style and efficiency. Remember that Headchannel Ltd. can help you with the digital revolution. Contact us.

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