Our process

Understanding your needs

We begin by listening to you.  Tell us about the challenges your business faces and which processes you want to improve through streamlining and automation. Then we'll get to work ...  designing, developing and delivering the perfect solution


To make sure our solution not only meets your needs but also helps your business to grow, we explore your current operations and consult end-users where it helps.

Building a team

To each project, we dedicate one team of specialists with required skills and domain knowledge. It allows us to both streamline the development process and grow our company by ensuring continuous training and improving the communication flow. Development Coding is what excites us most. We turn your vision into a reality and make sure the code is of highest quality to ensure its further development in the future


Coding is our passion. We turn your vision into a reality and make sure the code is of highest quality, enabling simpler future development.


Bugs in a system can slow down your business and stop accurate business decisions. Our experienced test engineers make sure your solution works seamlessly within your deployment environment.

Software delivery

We care about more than just delivering solutions on time.  It's essential your team gets the most from your software — so we'll provide the knowledge needed to help them get up and running from day one.


Technology and the needs of your business can change rapidly — and even the most advanced software can need updating over time.  We seek to nurture an ongoing relationship by providing support and maintenance for your software, enabling your business to retain your competitive edge.

Full cycle support

  • Analysis & design
  • Professional
    project management
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Continuous integration

Partnership - beyond outsourcing


Astrix story

Staffing agency AYS were looking for a company that could design and develop a front-end for their existing system. They contacted HeadChannel and today Astrix is used in five countries. The software was even used to support the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

The relationship we’ve built with AYS transcends outsourcing and demonstrates our care for our clients and our commitment to being leaders in our field.

Astrix is an end-to-end web-based solution for staffing and recruitment agencies and HoReCa companies that has transformed the way they work. It successfully streamlines a range of operations including the onboarding of part-time employees, managing payroll and handling customer transactions.

It becomes faster and easier to post jobs, build teams, manage salaries and sort timesheets. Astrix also provides full business analysis.

Is Astrix right for me?

The modular design allows us to adjust the solution easily to the needs of any company. Meanwhile, its flexibility ensures seamless integration with other systems already used by organisations (such as Sage HR & Payroll integration).


Astrix saves time and money by automating many operations that are prone to costly errors. It also utilises powerful analytical tools that allow companies to make more accurate and data-driven decisions, optimising their business operations.


Contact us for more details about Astrix.

Your team in our company

We are passionate about software development and thrive on the challenges it brings. We are a team who strive constantly to lead the way in developing software solutions and we'd love to work with you on your project.

Your business success is our strategic goal

We’re always eager to build long-lasting relationships with our business clients — and we make your project's success part of our business strategy.  We understand that by developing and maintaining your software, we simultaneously develop our own skills and ensure our growth.  That’s one of the reasons why we treat your success as our own. We're committed at a deep level. This approach sets us apart in the world of bespoke software development.




Our modular software solutions can be adapted easily to changing circumstances as your company evolves. We think ahead ... and so the flexibility of our systems allow us to update features as your company's goals continue to develop over time.

HR & recruitment

Our company is our family. We take care of the recruitment process ourselves to make sure that our IT specialists are of the highest calibre. We believe that in-depth knowledge, specialist skills and proven experience are vital, but we also recognise that these things alone do not guarantee success.  Therefore, we look for those who also possess the personal qualities that make a great team even better.


As your business expands and you begin to outgrow the capabilities of your current system, it’s expensive and inconvenient to buy completely new software.  That’s why we build our software solutions in a way that allows for easy and efficient development.  As your business grows, our software grows with you, meaning you’ll never be left behind.

Learning-friendly environment

Every member of our team cares about self-development. Each month, we push our boundaries with extra training and learn new skills. Our working practices also enable our teams to exchange ideas, creating a healthy, supportive working environment.

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