Gone are the days of boring, static web design font options that have long constrained the creativity and branding capabilities of web designers. The demand for personalised fonts has come full circle with the development of simple to use sites (many offering free tools) that allow the user to create fonts all their own.

Of course, there was a time when web designers didn't have a choice and had to select from existing fonts. In fact, many designers still use those traditional fonts. Why though, when they don't have nearly the same visual impact as individual fonts created specifically for the site? With the myriad websites available to create individualised fonts, it only makes sense to use those programs to create unique web fonts that enhance and promote a business brand.


Good modern website design can contain your original graphical elements. For example, your own designed fonts may add a great expression to your website. You can create many interesting themes and effects to your fonts design using tools on the sites listed below:

When researching which site(s) to use for your font design, consider the features of each before selecting one or more. Of course, each site is set up differently and offers its own features and tools. So, your decision will be based in large part on the navigability and ease of use of the site, as well as the font effects that can be created. However, just as in the Fontstruct example, some sites are optimised for particular types of businesses, even though they may be adequate for others, and that will also be a consideration.


Utilising web design programs that aid in the creation of unique fonts offers myriad advantages, not the least of which is the benefit of less maintenance. When a website is designed with a clear image in mind, and the fonts are set up during development, maintenance is also lighter down the road. Here are three additional standout advantages to using your own font.

  1. Improve branding efforts: For a business owner with a clear vision of how he wants to project his business and define his brand, the ability to adequately control the aesthetics of his site is invaluable. With the ability to create individualised fonts, there is no need to settle on what's readily available.
  2. Consistency: Not only will a business website look consistent, but the unique font can be used with a mobile website design and logo design. This further adds to branding efforts because the one-of-a-kind font becomes synonymous with the business on all media fronts.
  3. Stand out from competitors: Adding distinctive graphics to a website makes it stand out from other sites, and that uniqueness is sure to make the business more memorable to visitors.

As pointed out, using web tools to create your own personalised font design is an efficient and simple way to make your business website and other outreach measures distinctly unique to your branding efforts. The numerous websites that offer the service are geared toward getting your business and website noticed. The more your business gets noticed online, the more leads you draw in, and the better the odds for conversion. Since many font creation sites offer their service for free, you have nothing to lose and only customers to gain by trying them out.

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