IT consulting

Technology is no longer a function of your business, it is your business. Therefore, we would suggest that IT consulting is more than simply giving advice and we are sure that it only really brings value when it turns theory into practice.

We are practitioners. Our support brings tangible benefits.
We leave our clients with sets of clearly defined IT roadmaps.

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IT consulting

Good IT consulting gives the edge to compete in a tough business environment

The same spirit. The same goal.

In times when the total amount of data in the world doubles every two years, the problem is definitely not a lack of information. The problem is where and how to find the right information at the right time to use it in the right way with the right technology. It is equally important for non-profit organisations, public bodies and business entities. And this is even more vital in a year that continues to throw multiple curveballs at companies and their customers, causing accelerated changes.

No matter what the scale or structure of your organization, the goal is the same – to eliminate the unnecessary to make the necessary work. We use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at HeadChannel to create the most efficient solutions for your organization that go along your business objectives and product roadmaps.

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The most popular areas of our IT consulting.

No hidden costs, no technical compromise

Top quality IT consulting is not about how to plan for the good times, but first of all, how to plan for the worst times.

The IT roadmaps we draw always include the following elements: a strategy statement with a list of strategic priorities for the business, a timeline of the initiatives and projects that will occur over the next few months or years with approximate start, end dates and scale, a prioritized list of improvement opportunities that focuses on both technology and the wider business. We provide high-level justifications for each project which should be detailed for projects over the next 12 months, with simpler statements for projects past the 12-month horizon, and finally, the estimated cost for each project. We help and support companies in connecting the dots to win the market.



Development of IT strategy

IT strategy audit

New tech-consulting

Software portfolio consulting

Code review

Optimization, maintenance and development of IT technology

Expert architecture advisory

Business Intelligence

Technology strategy & enterprise architecture

Process consulting services

Project assurance

Technology selection & acquisition

Friendly packages to maximize the benefits


We deliver tailored IT consulting services that result in dedicated business-driven solutions. If information technology is not your core business domain, it is better not to go down the DIY route and lose both time and money, but to trust and rely on the knowledge of those who are experienced.


One day

  • 1 consultant
  • 8 hours in your location
  • travel costs not included
  • micro business (any industry)
  • company size 1-5

5 Days

  • 1-5 consultants
  • 40 hours in your location
  • travel costs not included
  • small/medium business (any industry)
  • company size 1-20


  • dedicated team
  • unlimited time
  • medium/large companies
  • mix of existing IT solution

How it works

Our 15-years of experience shows that IT consulting is all about creating the best solutions in partnership with our clients, allowing them to take immediate actions to gain competitive advantage, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses.

You set goals, we meet your needs and requirements. We do not try it. We do it.



Diagnosis & improvement mapping.

Recommendation & step-by-step actions design.

Diligent change implementation assistance.

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