IT consulting

Technology is no longer just a function of your business, it is at the heart of your business, and we would suggest that IT consulting is much more than just giving advice.

Our 15-years of experience show that IT consulting is first and foremost about creating the best solutions in partnership with our clients. Solutions that allow them to improve the efficiency of their business, increase its effectiveness or take immediate actions to gain competitive advantage.

Let’s talk about your wants and needs
IT consulting

IT consulting with a reliable partner gives you the edge.

The same spirit. The same goal.

We use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at HeadChannel to create the most efficient solutions for your organization that go along your business objectives and product roadmaps.

No matter what is the scale or structure of your organization, the goal is one – to eliminate the unnecessary to make the necessary work.


The most popular areas of our IT consulting.

Development of IT strategy

IT strategy audit

New tech consulting

Software portfolio consulting

Code review

Optimization, maintenance and development of IT technology

Expert architecture advisory

Business Intelligence

Technology strategy & enterprise architecture

Process consulting services

Project assurance

Technology selection & acquisition

Friendly packages to maximize the benefits

One day

  • 1 consultant
  • 8 hours in your location
  • travel costs not included
  • micro business (any industry)
  • company size 1-5

5 Days

  • 1-5 consultants
  • 40 hours in your location
  • travel costs not included
  • small/medium business (any industry)
  • company size 1-20


  • dedicated team
  • unlimited time
  • medium/large companies
  • mix of existing IT solution

How it works

Diagnosis & improvement mapping.

Recommendation & step-by-step actions design.

Diligent change implementation assistance.

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