Manufacturing ERP software

ERP software for a production company.

Customer overview

As a leading player in the UK packaging industry, Four04 needed to replace their out-dated spreadsheets and replace them with a system which would strengthen their processes – beginning with procurement, through sales, manufacturing, invoicing and ending up with the distribution.

The result, OpSys2, is a bespoke multi-user enterprise resource planning system which serves to guide the users through the, often complex, transactions between the buyers and suppliers of materials and services, warehouse and delivery staff and customers.

The software allows Four04 to monitor stock levels at all stages of the process and utilise available stock in the most cost-efficient ways possible.




OpSys2 supports the following key features:





Success story


The way that Four04 had run their business operations in the past required a high degree of flexibility on the part of the management, which was preventing the company from retaining full control over all processes. Having implemented OpSys2, they now have a much clearer picture of their true stock levels and are able to make more informed decisions. OpSys2 allows them to improve their workflow as packaging manufacturers and brokers and to provide a better service to their customers.

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