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Our unique, easy-to-use property management software helps you to take control of your business. Powerful tools provide real-time insights, enabling you to operate more efficiently and communicate clearly with your residents - if you use a property management app from HeadChannel.

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Maintenance portal for Hamways
- the case study

Our work

With the rapid growth in the volume of properties being bought by the William Pears Group, their Hamways Property Management division knew they needed to improve the efficiency of their operation. Back in 2014, they asked us for a platform that would help to achieve this.

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Main features

Our end-to-end property management software is packed with innovative features, allowing you to track and record every step of the management process, saving you time and money. Our solutions simplify key functions.


Resident portal

Make it easier and more convenient for residents to pay rent and submit maintenance requests. A mobile-friendly portal enables residents to view their payment history and simplifies communication. You can also keep them updated, sharing important notices via email or text messages sent directly from your portal.

Property inspections

Improve the inspection process by managing reports from your mobile phone.  Choose from existing templates or customise an inspection report to help you ensure nothing gets missed.

Property accounting

Track and manage every payment for every property. Make accounting simple by generating automatic rent demands and comprehensive reports, highlighting missing invoices and other costly errors.

Maintenance request tracking

Make managing maintenance requests simple.  Assign work to selected contractors and track their performance. Contractors can upload status updates and attach images or videos, keeping your residents informed.  Reduce response times by setting up automatic demands for recurring maintenance requests.

Contractor portal

Keep residents up to date with repairs by enabling contractors to upload status updates via photos, videos or text with just one click. Contractors can keep you and your residents informed at all times by setting up a pop-up notification every time the status changes.

Online payments

Enabling users to authorise their bank accounts via the portal significantly reduces payment processing time. Tenants can pay rent online and also set up a recurring payment schedule to make sure their rent is paid on time, directly into your bank account.

Document storage

You can store an unlimited number of documents securely on our encrypted server and share these with your tenants. Documents can be made accessible 24/7 from any device.




file your inspection reports from any device, automatically synchronise data and keep all of your documents securely in one place.

your data

bespoke software solutions are less vulnerable to hacking than off-the-shelf products.  Your data is always accessible and is stored securely both in the cloud and on backup servers.


enabling your residents to pay rent and submit maintenance requests online reduces phone calls and emails — and improves response times. Contractors can also interact with residents, keeping them updated on maintenance issues.


generate a range of financial reports with real-time data, allowing you to make intelligent business decisions based on facts.   Tenants can view payment history and set up recurring payments to ensure their rent is never late.



We employed HeadChannel to create a website for our property management business, which is due to go live shortly. Throughout the contract HeadChannel have been professional but always approachable. They have explained the workings of the website to us in a non-technical way and are always available to answer our questions. They respond very quickly to any queries we have.

The William Pears Group

Crabtree and HeadChannel have been working together to re-design the Crabtree Property Management website, integrating a new system to enable lessees to view their account details, make payments and receive all correspondence electronically. This has been a learning curve for us all, but Beata, Andy and the team at HeadChannel have been thoroughly accommodating to all our requirements; they regularly keep us up to date on the project and have consistently done a fantastic job. We would definitely recommend them.

Crabtree Property Group

Inspection software

Our revolutionary platform makes the inspection process quick and easy. Our inspection management software can accommodate a variety of quality control requirements and can be used in any industry.   Our solution combines a web-based platform and a mobile application that saves you time and increases your business’s efficiency.

Main features

By combining the functionalities of a web-based management platform and those of a mobile inspection application, we enable you to modernise the way you conduct inspections. Are you ready to work using your mobile phone?


01Web-based platform


To view and quickly read the latest reports concerning your inspections.

Inspection template management

To create inspection templates which allow you to use them for countless inspections. You can choose categories, questions and answers which work in yes/no mood and add an extra field when necessary.

Inspection list

To store and manage a list of all of the existing and upcoming inspections along with its details and attached photos

Inspection reporting

To easily generate reports concerning your inspections and gain insightful information on your business

Inspection calendar

To set up pop-up notifications for upcoming inspections.

02Mobile application

Inspections draft

To easily access all the upcoming inspections based on previously created inspection templates and conduct them with a single click.

Inspection history

To control all the previous inspections along with attached photos and generated reports.

Inspection reporting

To quickly generate and download comprehensive reports concerning your inspections.

Inspection calendar

To set up pop-up notifications for upcoming inspections.



With our unique and intuitive inspection management software, you can:



You can update your team on upcoming inspections by sharing your calendar, which eliminates the risk of doubled or missed inspections.

Integrate with
Google maps

Conducting field inspections is now easier with our Google maps integration which shows you the exact address assigned to every inspection.

accurate reports

Automatically downloaded and professionally branded reports help your company to gain insightful information concerning your inspections.

Run thorough

Gathering and analysing inspection data allows your company to spot any inefficiencies and opportunities.

inspection time

All you need to conduct an inspection is your mobile phone. Checking off simple questions prepared beforehand allows you to shorten the entire process.


The Internet connection is not necessary to conduct an inspection, you can save the changes offline and then update it when possible.


Storing documents online saves space and reduces risk. Keep your documents and sensitive information safe and secure on our encrypted server.



Save time manually preparing reports.  Generate them automatically as you complete inspections.

Integrate with
your internal system

We can customise our software to work seamlessly with your internal systems, giving you more control.

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