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ClientProperty Magnate


Customer overview

Having worked in the property industry for more than 30 years, the owner of Tycoon Gaming Limited spotted a great opportunity for a property related game and asked HeadChannel to design and develop a mobile game application which would allow players to buy, sell and rent cyber properties and thus build their own property empires.

We created Property Magnate which offers for sale over 30 million cyber versions of real properties available in the UK. Using data from Zoopla, which gathers information such as house prices and area trends, as well as property pictures, we were able to build a powerful app which enables players to buy properties at a pre-set price and provides them with a lifelike experience.


As simple as the game may seem, the play can often last for hours but never gets boring. To improve the user experience, we equipped the game with the following features:



Given the nature of the game, it is beneficial for both its owner and the players:


You can download the game here

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