Recruitment chatbot

Recruitment chatbot for event staffing


Talistar is a leading provider of talent management software throughout the UK and other European countries. We provided them with a state-of-the-art software solution which streamlines recruitment processes and makes hiring seasonal and temporary employees fast and easy. In order to remain competitive and answer the needs of modern organisations, they asked us to equip their platform with a chatbot. That way, they were able to speed up the recruitment process even more and to improve the candidate experience at the same time.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a great solution for various companies who wish to simplify the process that their customers go through. It is highly beneficial in the recruitment industry where HR departments are often overloaded with work, especially when hiring seasonal and temporary employees as the recruitment process never ends.

Put simply, a chatbot is a software programmed to ask predefined questions and collect information without engaging human employees.  Implementing such a solution for your business reduces effort not only for employees but also for candidates, which thus allows you to easily build brand loyalty.



The chatbot we designed and developed for Talistar simplifies the registration process for candidates who are looking for temporary employment. The solution is synchronised with their staff recruitment and management platform where recruiters can manage shifts and match candidates with open job positions. It works in the following way:




Project facts

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