Software and website modernisation

If your current solution is failing to keep pace with your business needs, then it’s time to modernise. The good news is ... the process could be far simpler than you realise.

Refreshing your current software — instead of replacing it — can be a smart way to save time, money and hassle. You can often get better results too with website and software modernisation from HeadChannel.

The idea

Your business will be losing out if your current software or website isn’t operating efficiently.  When the cost of a new site or solution is too high, then the best option is to upgrade and modernise your existing product. We can tailor your current solution to meet your specific requirements, resolving any issues you are facing and putting your business in a stronger, more competitive position.  As your business grows, our team are there to provide on-going updates and support.

Our expertise with Astrix

Back in 2010, AYS (a staffing agency) were looking for a company that could design and develop a front-end for their existing system. It became clear their current system was no longer efficient, so we rebuilt the solution — and successfully streamlined their business processes. Today, with our help, the system is used in five countries. The software was even used to support the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

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