Staffing management software integration with DIMONA

A staffing management software integration with DIMONA

DIMONA is an electronic declaration system, which contains information on any employee entering or exiting the workforce in Belgium. It thus allows for the immediate identification of any undeclared employees. Every employer is obliged to register new employees in DIMONA. The central objective of DIMONA is to oblige employers to electronically inform the National Social Security Office of any employee who enters or leaves the company.

The integration was designed and implemented in on of our bespoke software solution - ASTRIX

The scientific or technological advances sought, and uncertainties faced:

1. Secure communication to DIMONA system using private key file and password

2. Development of digital signature using .NET cryptography tools allowing the signature of documents sent to the DIMONA system

3. Ensure data integrity of data between systems, creating assurance of the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycl

4. Develop fault tolerance of the communication channel

When uncertainties were resolved:

1. During design and prototyping

2. During engagement with future users

Why the answer was not readily deducible by a competent professional in the field:

The DIMONA integration system is a highly complex system that addresses a clear technology need, and as such is a new technology development. The DIMONA system required the preparation and mapping of data in multiple data formats, alongside processing of data sets specifically to supply external systems, requiring large amounts of development to ensure that this integration was consistent and accurate. No solutions to these challenges were either publicly available or readily deducible.


System integration is like hiring a virtual employee.
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