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We provide access to IT experts, not only with the right skills but also the relevant experience, that can be hard to find on the open market. Our developers, business analysts, project managers, QA engineers and technical team leaders can work both on-site and off-site. We create the opportunities, the decision is yours.

Team Extension

Calibrate your team's powers

Increase your capabilities with our experts.

Net engineers

Java developers

Angular developers

React developers

.Net core developers

Node js. Developers

Django developers

Swift developers

Python developers

Project Managers

Business Analysts



Fast and clear contracting process

You get an offer in 24h and your team in weeks. Not months!

We listen carefully to your wants, needs and requirements. The more we know, the better the solution that we can offer you.

We screen, select and interview appropriate candidates. The best of them are presented to you for acceptance.
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We commence the service, which can be streamlined along with any additional requirements.

How do we build your team?

While building an IT team for you, we make use of existing resources or undertake recruitment. In either case, we follow a well-organised process and apply strict rules.
  1. Analysis

    We carefully analyse resumés and choose the best ones.

  2. Interviews

    We conduct interviews and verify competences.

  3. Checking

    We contact previous employers of candidates for references.

  4. Verification

    If needed, we carry out additional tests: technical, non-technical, or language.


Verified by our clients

Managed services refferences

We’ve been in a partnership with HeadChannel for ten years, and I don’t see that changing. They’re committed, taking ownership to have a successful delivery. Their team is great at project managing. With any business, there can be challenging bits, such as testing. HeadChannel is always willing and able to scale the team up and down. For example, we have a three-month up and down lead time for scaling the team, which they haven’t failed to deliver. It’s different than other engagements. It’s not only one project, like building a pencil. It’s like they’re maintaining my car and keeping it on the road.

Adam Batten, Managing Director, Talistar

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