Time management and invoicing software for freelancers

Time management and invoicing software for freelance professionals providing individual and/or group instruction


Working as a freelancer instructor, it is often hard enough to manage your diary let alone having to keep track of which classes need to be invoiced. As an experienced instructor herself, our client, My Class Depot, spotted an opportunity to simplify the way freelancers do their administration and so improve their efficiency.

Together with her, we designed and developed a responsive web app which enables freelancers to regain control of their classes and finances. Reminding them where they need to be next, prompting for class numbers and automatically generating and sending the relevant invoices at the month end.

My class depot


To improve the productivity of instructors, regardless of industry, we equipped the web-based platform with the following features:

My class depot


With our intuitive and easy-to-use solution, freelancer instructors gain the following:

My class depot

Success story

Our client is a yoga teacher who was looking for a way to make working as a freelancer easier but couldn’t find any existing solutions that would do everything she wanted. So she decided to take things into her own hands and asked us to help her to create the system that she really wanted – quick and simple for freelancers to keep on top of their finances for work they have done. Now our powerful web-based platform is being used by more and more freelancers, especially fitness professionals, all over the UK.

Project facts

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