One of the greatest advantages of modern technology is the possibility to shop without leaving home. Purchasing goods and services with a single click enables you as a customer to streamline the buying process, but this is only a minuscule part of the entire sales path. Successfully managing the back-end of an online store is vital for completing an order. In fact, what stands behind driving the company forward is a powerful ecommerce software solution.

What is Ecommerce software

At its simplest form, ecommerce software supports a business in selling goods and services online. It enables its users to effortlessly manage significant aspects which work to fulfil an order, such as adding products, processing payments, handling shipments and others. Depending on the character of a company and, more importantly, on its needs, you can add various features which make operating an online store easy, even for a non-tech person.

Ecommerce software is a unique solution which joins together both front- and back-office systems into one and enables integration with various features of different software, such as a CRM which is necessary for managing product content and a SCM which allows you to manage inventory.

Types of Ecommerce software

The ever-growing need for such a solution has resulted in developing various versions of Ecommerce software you can deploy.  The two general classifications are:

Key features of Ecommerce software

Depending on what you sell, you can choose from various features in order to have an ideal software designed and developed especially for you. As mentioned above, ecommerce software often joins together features typical of other business software solutions, however, the most vital functionalities every ecommerce software should be equipped with are:

Benefits of Ecommerce software

Automation which follows implementing ecommerce software allows you to increase efficiency and boost productivity in your company. The solution also enables you to:



Implementing an Ecommerce software solution makes running an online store easy and efficient. Not only does it allow both you and your customers to enjoy shopping, it also enables business growth, regardless of products or services you wish to sell. The only thing you need to do is to decide which features you require.

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