Why digital adoption is so important

The recent rise of the development of services for business has changed drastically the way in which an organisation’s infrastructure is built. Nowadays almost everything can be outsourced or treated as a service due to the high digitalisation of tasks. Companies rely less on on-premise services and more often shift to online or cloud-based solutions. Easy access to mobile devices and their ubiquity means that employees can have access to their systems and data from any place in the world. But apart from the fact that this digital transformation and switching to services happens everywhere there are, of course, countless stories of companies spending huge amounts of money on brand new software solutions or platforms only to see their investment wither and was a waste of money because they did not get what they needed. That is why it is so important to find a perfect software development partner in order to jointly create what is needed – you can read more here. Whatever the software solution is, it can be difficult to adopt it when the organisation does not do enough to justify a new platform and encourage the employees to spend time to learn how to use it and make the best of it. It is crucial for every company to have its new software solution adopted effectively.

Problems with software adoption?

There are plenty of reasons why problems with software adoption may occur. What is more the problems usually appear in groups or a network which is connected with each others issues. Fortunately, most of them can be predicted and prevented.

Problems with adoption may begin with a general lack of focus on what exactly should this adoption and implementation achieve in the company. You should have a clear vision of what you are hoping to achieve and spread this information in order to engage others to adopt a new tool. What is very important is that employees should feel the support from the management. Give an example of what adoption should look like.

Another vital factor that many companies unfortunately ignore is the focus of users themselves. When implementing a pricey solution it is better to avoid all the mistakes and this particular one can be done in the early stages of work on the solution. The decision of the executives sometimes may be based mostly on the trendiness of the solution or, more likely, on the price while the really important factors that may influence the work in the future are ignored. It is particularity important to take into consideration what the users want to say. They will be working on the solution in the future and they should be comfortable with it.

Unhappy users may want to keep using the old solution and this may affect the effectiveness of the whole system. This problem is also connected with lack of education and trainings regarding the new solution. When implementing something new the employees should be trained in how to use the new tool and make the best of it. Thanks to it they may be more likely to use new solution in a more effective way.

In order to run the adoption smoothly think about all the factors that may affect the implementation and think of a solution to the potential problems.

Why adoption matters so much?

Lack of digital adoption can have a drastic impact on the whole implementation and even cause many losses in resources. Instead of simply focusing on installing new software solutions companies should focus on creating a concrete and well-considered digital adoption plan.

No matter how good or powerful the solution may be, it is as good as the number of people using it and their ability to use the system. What’s more, digital adoption means that the company is using the best possible tools and can develop faster than competition. But in all these cases simply adding a new solution is not enough. It should be adopted by the organisation.


To sum up

As you can see software adoption may not be that easy and there are many factors that you should pay attention to in order to make the implementation the most effective and the new solution itself useful. Remember who are you working with and create a friendly atmosphere regarding the adoption. If you want to know more about how to prepare your employees for successful software adoption read this article.

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