This is it. You decided to have bespoke software designed and developed to suit your exact needs. You found the right vendor and prepared all the necessary documents. You know the solution will automate various processes in your company and boost up the speed of your business. Unfortunately, if you yourself are not the end-user of a product, then it is not your needs which should be valued most. This matter is often ignored by many managers and business executives responsible for providing a software development company with requirements. They may think they have enough experience and business knowledge to determine what their colleagues or customers need but the reality turns out to be quite the opposite. In this article, I discuss why being user-conscious always ends in success.

When to engage end-users

A great deal has already been said about how poor performance may lead to users abandoning a website or no longer using a software solution, which is most probably why, according to research conducted by Temkin Group, companies started paying much more attention to user experience and over 80% of them have seen a positive impact on revenue in 2017. Improving already used software is one thing, however, you can prevent user dissatisfaction by engaging end-users at an early stage of software development. There are two processes where end-user participation is required to ensure project success and these are:

Why engage end-users

Redeveloping the software may be just as costly as its development. Luckily, engaging end-users in the process allows you to avoid these costs because:


It is impossible to meet the needs of all users, however, suiting most of them ensures project success. Involving end-users in both requirements gathering and testing makes you capable of providing a product which is not only useful but more importantly user-friendly. Remember to pay close attention to what your colleagues or customers require because a software solution which nobody uses is a waste of both money and time.

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