Why business analysis is important in software development

Many companies believe an accurate business analysis is not necessary for their product as they know well what they want. However, business analysts ensure that what you want is what you actually need and make sure the end product meets those needs. Importantly, no two projects are the same as every company has different specifications and thus requires a different approach. An experienced business analyst is there to help you.

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6 steps of bespoke software development process

Buying off-the-shelf software and developing bespoke solutions from scratch differ in many aspects. The two most important ones are the wait time and the costs, which are the vital factors for many companies. Organisations prefer to use a commercial product because they can start using it right away, however, there is a reason why bespoke software solution development takes both time and money.

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6 steps of system integration process

When acquiring software, many companies decide to buy only the components that they actually need at the moment. This way may be cheaper and thus seem more profitable at the beginning, but can very quickly become counterproductive. As your organisation evolves, you start using more and more independent tools, this results in productivity drop and inaccurate data analysis. Luckily, system integration is here to save your business.

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8 benefits of business intelligence

Without collecting and properly analysing data about your business, you will soon lose your customers and be left behind. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you and it is business intelligence. If you wonder how business intelligence can help you to remain competitive, continue reading.

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What is business intelligence

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a company, no matter the size, that is not data-driven. Every business collects and analyses data to gain their competitive advantage. However, the process of gathering and then interpreting information manually is rather time-consuming and error-prone, which is why it is wiser to use a tool to perform the process automatically. The best and the most popular solution is, without a doubt, business intelligence. If you wonder why, continue reading.

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5 benefits of system integration

In order to remain competitive, a company can either buy off-the-shelf software, have a bespoke solution developed to meet their exact needs or have all of their already existing and used systems integrated into one, saving not only money but also time which they could spend on learning how to use a new platform. However, time is not the only advantage of system integration. If you want to discover how having your systems integrated can change your business, keep on reading.

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