When You Need a Bespoke Software Solution and How to Obtain It

Off-the-shelf software has its place. It can be less expensive than bespoke software and takes less time to implement. However, much of what comes pre-packaged is never used. Also, there is a finite limit to canned software capabilities that can impede production and business growth. The lack of customisable options also inhibits the scalability in the long term.

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The Importance of Considering Failure

A 2012 study found that around 70% of all IT projects failed at some stage, and that somewhere in the region of 17% of all large scale projects with big budgets went so badly that they threatened the very existence of the parent company itself. Additionally, the study found that many participants on new, large scale IT projects expect them to fail from the off-set. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever for businesses to identify potential problems before a project starts, and also accept that a project may not be successful.

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Mobile Cross-Platform Issues

Native Development is building a software program on a particular platform, making it indigenous to the platform. When an application is built for a particular platform, it only works best on that platform. When you try to switch it from one operating system to another, problems arise.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Mobile App

The data is clear. Mobile use is on the rise, and so is the percentage of people who make purchases using their mobile devices. In fact, a recent survey suggests that 32 % of the UK’s smartphone users make monthly purchases on their cell phones. In order to have a shot at that portion of the market and open up a new revenue stream, businesses need to channel some of their budget and strategy into mobile app development.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Must Stay Technologically Current

More and more, success in business hinges on our ability to adapt to technology. Those who are unable to evolve suffer from stagnant growth and fall behind, unable to keep up. Simply because a business has a website doesn’t make it safe from peril either. The speed and fluidity with which technology advances requires that business owners do much more. Hiring a web designer is only the beginning if you want to take full advantage of what technology offers, and use it to grow your business. Here are three critical reasons why it’s so important to stay ahead of trends in technology.

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Onshore, Offshore or Nearshore - Which Model of IT Outsourcing Works Best?

Onshore is defined as services provided within the same country, nearshore is on the same continent, and offshore is elsewhere. Outsourcing to each of these destinations is a viable solution, but the best solution is most often found nearshore.

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