How to Add Value to Workflow

All businesses are different, and this leads to each business having its own unique requirements where workflow process is concerned. This means that often, a business needs to find a cost effective solution that is able to adapt to the individual needs of in house business practices, effectively aid in the implementation of various projects, and create a positive and efficient UX experience for both employees and customers.

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Packaged Software vs. Bespoke Software

Today’s businesses need software that works the way they need it to, and all of the time. Some establishments have turned to custom-made software in order to accomplish this. However, many others wonder if the creation of custom software is actually worth it. Custom software is developed to the unique requirements of a business and built to operate precisely as a business needs it to, whereas packaged software is created in order to meet the needs of large numbers of customers. This type of software can be found in programs like operating systems and accounting software.

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The User Experience – Blessing, Or Curse?

Most business owners have encountered the term ‘user experience’ at some point in their business’s lifetime. For many, the user experience, or UX is little more than a large question mark. But not understanding it can mean that your business misses out on all of the magical elements that need to come together in order for your customers to make a purchase from you.

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Gathering Techniques - A Guide to Requirement Gathering

‘Knowledge is Power’ may be an overused adage, but it still rings as true today as when it was first used. Success in a project is directly proportional to the amount of information you have to work with. The more you know, the better prepared you can be. Gathering practical information is vital to the relationship you have with your clients, and it is essential in the trust building process, especially early on. The more you know about the company you are working with, the better chance your relationship has of succeeding.

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Software for resale what you need to know

In today’s world, more and more companies that develop customer specific software have identified a need to change to developing and selling product software. There are many benefits of this approach, such as recurring revenue and reducing business risk. These are, however, not the subject of this article.

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Benefits of hybrid mobile app development

Currently developers have three choices when it comes to developing a mobile application. They can go native and develop an app exclusively for use on a single platform. They can create a web app, a mobile-optimised web page that renders onto smaller screens. Lastly, they can develop a hybrid app, a single application for use across the whole range of mobile devices.

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