Managing laziness with the best project management methodology

A human is a terribly lazy creature. At least 99% of us are lazy and I will leave it up to you to decide whether you are one of them. It’s part of human nature to be lazy. That’s why, you can either keep struggling with the fact that you don’t have wings – or you can learn to live with what you have.

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Key reasons why good business analysis is essential for a successful project

Project failures are very expensive, devastating and challenging. To make sure all the project requirements are met, strong business analysis skills are critical and more important than ever before.

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Business Software Uses in Small and Medium Enterprises

Business software refers to any type of software specific for business users with the goal of performing certain business functions. Business software allows companies to; increase the productivity of employees, reduce operational costs and measure productivity.

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What Will Corporate Portals Look Like in the Future?

These days, it seems that everyone is using the cloud. Moreover, it isn’t only users who are getting on board; businesses are beginning to realise that a physical headquarters and 40-hour work week are quickly becoming obsolete. Today’s employee wants to be able to work from outside the office during hours that they are able so that a work-life balance can be established.

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Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering

Every application, regardless of scope or size should involve the gathering of requirements from the client, because this is what allows both the client and the IT team to understand exactly what a application will deliver, and avoid the costly downtime of rejecting applications or adding new requirements.

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Keeping Developers Motivated and Happy

Despite the many reasons for making a commitment to specific goals and trying harder, one major barrier to the motivation of developers is the excuse. Before a developer even realises it, they can find themselves in a pool of chores at home, kids to take to football practice and the other aspects of daily life that can interrupt the creative flow.

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