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Successful products and services do not happen by chance. We ensure that the systems we design are business-oriented, human-centred and value-driven. Whether your customers are companies (B2B) or individuals (B2C), it is people, their emotions and needs that stand behind every decision, contract or purchase. We care not only about code quality but also about customer experience (CX), user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to deliver solutions that stand the test of time and grow with your business.

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The most popular areas of bespoke software development.

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Independently verified reviews from some of our clients.

What you have done brilliantly is take the idea of someone that has no technical knowledge and create something that not only brings my vision to life more intelligently than I was able to articulate, but that anyone can programme, update and use without any technical skill. You have built something that can be manipulated in all sorts of complex ways, in real time by anyone – and I don’t imagine there is much out there that does that…

Mark Doyle, Director, The Method


How we work

It is the way we deliver and maintain bespoke software solutions.
  1. Understanding your needs
  2. Analysis
  3. Proposed solutions
  4. Project kick-off
  5. Product and service design
  6. Development
  7. Testing
  8. Launch
  9. Maintenance
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Most popular questions about bespoke software solutions

What is meant by bespoke software?
Bespoke software (also known as custom software or tailor-made software) is a software that is designed and developed for the specific needs, size, and business processes of an organisation.
How much does bespoke software cost?
The cost of software depends on a number of factors, but the most important is size and complexity, which reflect the time the development company needs to build software. Therefore very often, the implementation of a system is divided into stages, and the core functionalities are included in MVP (minimum viable product), which solves the most critical problems. But a company also needs to consider the profits, so spending money on proper software is an investment as opposed to a cost.
What are bespoke software examples?
A bespoke software is a solution customised for a specific purpose. Most popular bespoke programs may focus on accounting, production planning, customer relationships management, network monitoring, online customer service, etc.
How is bespoke software used?
Bespoke software solutions are used mostly to solve a specific set of requirements for a particular client. They correspond to business processes and stakeholders needs. What differentiates them from an off-the-shelf solution is that bespoke software suits the workflow of a client, and can exploit the USPs of a client.
Is bespoke software suitable for small or medium companies?
Yes! The solution can be precisely tailored to the needs, workflow, and budget of any business type. Very often implementing a custom solution in small or medium companies brings the highest return rate.
How is bespoke software made?
There are a few approaches to building the custom software, but the most popular is agile,which enables the development company to deliver the software in stages, so the most important functionalities are provided ASAP. You can also name a few critical steps in the process: requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding, testing, software delivery and maintenance.
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