Property maintenance portal

A property maintenance portal for real estate companies


To improve communication between property managers, tenants and contractors, the William Pears Group found themselves in need of a system which would simplify the process of managing property repairs. Our team developed software to help the company to remain competitive in the property industry.

Oprias is a web-based property maintenance management software enabling its users to both communicate with tenants and contractors with just one click and store all the necessary information online. The solution provides time-saving and problem-solving maintenance management tools for property managers and tenants.


Our software simplifies property maintenance management processes through the following features:

Property manager portal

Tenant portal

Contractor portal



Success story

Seeing an increase in the popularity of property management companies, the Hamways Property Management division of the William Pears Group knew they needed to gain a competitive advantage. They asked us for a platform that would improve their workflow.

The results of deploying such platform are an ever-growing trust among tenants who can now play an active role in the whole maintenance process, increased efficiency achieved by generating and analysing accurate reports and a general possibility of saving time due to automating most of business processes.

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Project facts

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