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Orias- Streamlined property maintenance software enhancing real estate management efficiency.

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To improve communication between property managers, tenants and contractors, the William Pears Group found themselves in need of a system which would simplify the process of managing property repairs. Our team developed software to help the company to remain competitive in the property industry.

Oprias is a web-based property maintenance management software enabling its users to both communicate with tenants and contractors with just one click and store all the necessary information online. The solution provides time-saving and problem-solving maintenance management tools for property managers and tenants.


Our software simplifies property maintenance management processes through the following features:

Property manager portal

  • Calls – to manage all the existing and upcoming repair requests from one place.
  • Contractors – to store and display contact details of all of the contractors including their certificates.
  • Quotes – to request a quote from available contractors, discuss the repair and choose the best vendor.
  • Jobs – to monitor repairs from anywhere at any time and to communicate with tenants and contractors with just one click.
  • Properties – to store and display all information and files concerning each of the properties.
  • Reports – to generate comprehensive reports on jobs and properties.

Tenant portal

  • Calls – to request a repair.
  • Jobs – to schedule an appointment with the contractor, monitor repairs, and to communicate with property managers and contractors with just one click.
  • Tenant satisfaction – to rate the contractor once the work is completed.
  • Invoices – to store and access all invoices concerning their property.

Contractor portal

  • Quotes – to answer all of the upcoming quotes.
  • Jobs – to update other parties on job progress by adding photos, videos or notes.
  • Payments – to store all of the invoices and monitor payments.
  • Certificate storage – to assign all the certificates to their portal.


  • Automation – every day, property managers receive an automated message concerning new repair requests and updates on existing jobs which allows them to save time and be sure they handle all of the requests.
  • Communication – the possibility of sending messages directly from the platform reduces the need for phoning and e-mailing each of the parties as the discussion is open for property managers, tenants and contractors involved in a job.
  • Notifications – all stakeholders can set up and receive pop-up notifications concerning request updates and repair status changes.
  • Full visibility – tenants and contractors can view their tasks and finances without the need to involve the property manager.
  • Data synchronisation – all stakeholders can access real-time information whenever and wherever they are.
  • Qube integration – having the accounts integrated allows all of the parties to store and display their invoices concerning either the property or the work order.
  • Document storage – all stakeholders can store documents concerning their property and access them anywhere at any time.
  • Category order – sorting jobs by categories enables property managers to create accurate reports and thus make better use of data they receive.
  • Tenant satisfaction – rating contractors by tenants enables property managers to hire the best vendors.
  • Attachments – contractors can upload high-quality photos and videos of the repair to update both property managers and tenants on their job progress.
  • Reporting – advanced analytical tools enable property managers to spot any inefficiencies and opportunities. To make data analysis even easier, they can save the reports as .pdf and .xlsx files.

Success story

Seeing an increase in the popularity of property management companies, the Hamways Property Management division of the William Pears Group knew they needed to gain a competitive advantage. They asked us for a platform that would improve their workflow.

The results of deploying such platform are an ever-growing trust among tenants who can now play an active role in the whole maintenance process, increased efficiency achieved by generating and analysing accurate reports and a general possibility of saving time due to automating most of business processes.

Project facts

  • Team – Developers 2, QA 1, BA 1, PM 1
  • Project management – Scrum for production and Kanban for maintenance
  • Technology – Umbraco, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Framework, MS SQL Server, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, Razor Views, Angular JS