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Our recruitment management software is a powerful and comprehensive web-based solution, designed for the temporary job sector. It speeds up the recruitment process and helps you to find the best available talent faster than ever.The platform has been developed over a period of 9 years and is currently implemented in 6 countries across Europe.

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Staffing software - the case study

Our work

Talistar is a leading provider of talent management software and strategic advice throughout the UK and European mainland and the ‘Astrix’ platform, built especially for them, is a state-of-the-art recruitment software package that revolutionises the talent management industry.

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Main features

Improve efficiency by automating more of your recruitment process.
Our time-saving tools speed up the on-boarding process and ensure the best possible match.


Recruiter profile

Expand your business by providing clients with outstanding staff.  Quickly match candidates to jobs with easy access to job advertisements and CVs.  It is also easier to stay in touch with both clients and candidates and store all key information in one place.

Candidate profile

Enable candidates to set up and manage their own profile —  so you can speed up the recruitment process.  They can upload a CV and photo, filter job advertisements, specify their availability and apply for a position.

Employer profile

Make it easy for employers to post job openings — from anywhere at any time — using customisable application forms. Quick access to candidate profiles and calendars simplifies the selection of potential employees to a single click.

Talent pool filter

Finding the ideal employee becomes effortless with a broad range of filters, including status, sources and ratings. Access to an accurate talent pool helps you to find the candidate you need quickly when new positions arise.

Interview management

Arrange appointments with candidates and synchronise your calendars — to make sure time slots never get mixed up.  Candidates can say 'Yes' with a single click, saving you from endless calls and emails.

Applicant tracking system

Clear visibility of the current status of every candidate, across all stages of the hiring process, allows you to handle every application easily.  Archiving their data makes sure you always have instant access to a talent pool for any upcoming positions.

Document storage

Store all your important documents securely in one place, including CVs, employment contracts and invoices. With intelligent searches, it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Real-time tracking and reporting

Real-time dashboards are the best way to analyse and improve your performance. Smart reports enable you to easily monitor daily operations and outcomes — and make data-driven decisions, increasing performance.

Staff rating

Both you and your clients can rate candidates, making it simple to find the best staff. Employers can also permanently add a successful candidate to their profile ensuring they always have easy access to their details for future job opportunities.

Payments management

We enable your clients to make online payments via their profiles and can help to ensure every employee receives payment on time.  Invoices are stored safely in one secure location.




Automating more of your business processes increases your team’s workflow and productivity. Secure electronic document storage and automated email responses can help your business run more efficiently.


Never miss another appointment. Synchronise your calendar with your profile, enabling you to set up alerts and reminders about upcoming events and tasks.

Data analytics

Accurate data analysis guarantees a successful match between candidates and jobs. You can also analyse your own performance to check you're making the right decisions.


Make staying in touch simple by streamlining your communication channels. Communicate easily with every candidate, without endless calls and emails.    Potential employees can send you their resumes directly via their profiles — and you can set up personalised auto-responses to engage more easily.


We employed HeadChannel to create a website for our property management business, which is due to go live shortly. Throughout the contract HeadChannel have been professional but always approachable. They have explained the workings of the website to us in a non-technical way and are always available to answer our questions. They respond very quickly to any queries we have.

The William Pears Group

When the final product was launched it surpassed our initial specifications and rolled out seamlessly. The work did not stop there though and we are still designing new ideas and concepts together that will allow us to develop new systems and take the company forward. I could not recommend them highly enough as a developmental business partner.

At Your Service Group

What I like about HeadChannel is that they never promise more than they can deliver. They also try to see the problem from the client's point of view. My experience has been a fast, friendly and good service over the past three years. I would not have any hesitation in recommending them.

The Good Hotel Guide

This exciting new app will revolutionise the way the palliative care community shares news and intelligence across the sector.

Help the Hospices

Just to say thanks so much for a great job on the website.

Crabtree Law LLP

The site is absolutely beautiful and a credit to you all! I am so pleased - I am sure it will be popular. Thank you!

The Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment

We have worked with HeadChannel on a number of varied and challenging projects over the past few years. During that time, they have been creative, reliable, cost-effective and they very quickly grasp the complexities of the task in hand. I'd have no hesitation in recommending their work to others. Oh and by the way – they are jolly nice people to work with.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

Crabtree and HeadChannel have been working together to re-design the Crabtree Property Management website, integrating a new system to enable lessees to view their account details, make payments and receive all correspondence electronically. This has been a learning curve for us all, but Beata, Andy and the team at HeadChannel have been thoroughly accommodating to all our requirements; they regularly keep us up to date on the project and have consistently done a fantastic job. We would definitely recommend them.

Crabtree Property Group

We are happy to work with Headchannel and we are also happy with the integration you have done for us, that’s why we are moving forward for our further integration project. Thanks.

Smiley World

Recruitment chatbot

HR departments can be overloaded with work, especially when hiring seasonal and temporary employees. Our user-friendly chatbots can help with the heavy lifting and save hours of precious admin time. Our advanced tech can simultaneously perform thousands of repetitive manual tasks by engaging with multiple candidates at a time, enabling your business to operate more efficiently.  In short, our chatbots make life easier for everyone


Main features

Our recruitment management systems improve the candidate experience and increase your productivity.

What can our chatbot do for you?

  • collect contact details and a CV

    a chatbot simplifies the initial contact process.

  • explore candidates’ skills and experience

    additional information can be quickly gathered and analysed to more accurately match candidates to positions.

  • answer FAQs

    a chatbot can answer the most popular questions that candidates ask.

  • screen potential candidates

    a chatbot can swiftly match candidates with suitable skills to current vacancies.

  • schedule interviews with recruiters

    once a candidate is approved, a chatbot can arrange an interview.

  • synchronise data

    a chatbot can send candidate details directly to an applicant tracking system.



Attract more

simplifying the application process encourages more candidates to apply.


our solution saves your team from screening CVs and can select the best candidate for a position.

Reduce recruitment

end unnecessary calls and emails. A chatbot is instantly available to process multiple candidates at any time.


with a chatbot on board, every candidate is guaranteed a response.

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