4 skills every software developer should have

Software industry growth, vital across sectors, demands skilled developers with data science, multiple programming languages, project management, and cybersecurity expertise for robust, efficient solutions.

The software industry is now one of the most rapidly developing industries, which will not change soon. Information technology is everywhere and is becoming increasingly important across all industries. Production lines are operated by robots that need to be programmed. To work the most efficiently, online stores need properly created websites and systems that manage orders, warehousing, etc. Stationery shops need similar software solutions that will help them manage their inventory. Huge international enterprises operate on complicated, integrated and comprehensive systems. These are just some examples of how software is essential in the current business world, but there are more. But who creates these software solutions?

The increase in demand for computer software has created rapid employment growth for software developers, projected to increase by 17% through 2024

Software developers, programmers and others working with this type of technology are the ones that are responsible for the development of the industry. Each one plays a part in the whole collective network of different software solutions created for companies, governments, NGOs, etc. To be considered an expert, they should have skills that will allow them to think logically, solve various problems and find the most suitable solutions.

What particular skills are the most needed for a software developer?

1. Data science and analytics

In the era of Big Data, conducting statistical analysis can be a powerful skill for every developer, making them a valuable asset. Having crucial skills such as data analysis or statistical programming allows them to perform vital tasks in various organisations, not only software development houses. Analysis and reporting, diagnosing current problems, predicting future trends, and simulating decision outcomes are no problem for developers with analytic skills and the ability to deal with big data.

2. Utilising numerous programming languages

Full-stack software developers can be a crucial asset. They understand multiple programming languages that allow them to understand all development processes and work with both the front and back end of applications. During development, they can take care of various tasks that add value to the project and the organisation. A sample of some of the critical languages for software developers to know include Java, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and more. The more programming languages a developer knows, the better for them and the project.

3.Project management

Every software development project involves budgeting, scheduling, changing requirements and many unpredictable circumstances. A good software developer should know the project management processes, how to deal with managerial problems and manage change. Having these skills and knowledge allows them to understand and adjust to what is going on in the project. A well-managed project can save money and time. An IT professional who can manage either traditional or iterative software development processes adds extra value to the organisation.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity knowledge is essential for software developers and all IT professionals worldwide. We constantly hear about data breaches and companies struggling with hackers, data thefts and constant changes in safety protocols. Developers should be aware of these dangers to create resistant and safe software solutions. Skills and knowledge, such as firewall protection, penetration testing, and computer forensics, are essential in building robust software and strengthening a programmer’s resume.

By knowing the critical skills of software developers, we can change our way of thinking. You know what skills your employees should focus on, master them and make the best of them. Technology changes rapidly, but the skills and problem-solving approach needed are universal and can be helpful in any task.

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