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Healthcare is one of the most important and rapidly growing industries in the world’s economy. Whilst companies in this industry thrive, they consistently face budgetary, managerial and organisational challenges. Healthcare software development has an important role to play in terms of achieving better quality both in patient care and costs management.

  • Healthcare web development

    Healthcare web development encompasses creating online platforms that provide medical information, services, and communication between healthcare providers and patients. Custom web solutions in healthcare can offer significant advantages over OTSS by being tailored to specific organisational workflows, ensuring high levels of security for sensitive data, integrating seamlessly with existing systems, and offering a user experience designed for the unique needs of the provider’s patient demographic. For instance, a custom telemedicine portal can be developed to match the exact operational style of a clinic, enhancing both patient engagement and clinical efficiency.

  • Healthcare app development

    The development of healthcare apps focuses on mobile and tablet applications intended to assist both patients and healthcare professionals with services ranging from appointment scheduling to health monitoring. Custom healthcare apps can provide a competitive edge by incorporating specific features that target the unique challenges of a healthcare provider or patient group, offering intuitive interfaces, and ensuring data is handled in strict compliance with regional regulations. Custom solutions can also provide superior interoperability with other healthcare systems compared to OTSS.

  • Medical app development

    Medical app development is about crafting software applications that are used for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of health conditions. A custom medical app can be advantageous over OTSS by providing bespoke functionalities tailored to the specific medical services of an organisation, facilitating improved patient outcomes. For example, a custom-developed app for a medical specialty like dermatology could include features like high-resolution skin imaging and AI-driven analysis that might not be available in generic OTSS solutions.

  • Healthcare CRM software

    Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps healthcare entities manage and analyse patient interactions throughout the patient lifecycle. Custom CRM solutions surpass OTSS by aligning with the precise processes of a healthcare provider, allowing for a more personalised approach to patient engagement, communication, and retention. Additionally, custom CRMs can offer enhanced analytics tailored to the key performance indicators that are most relevant to a particular healthcare organisation.

  • Hospice software

    Hospice software supports palliative care facilities in managing patient care, regulatory compliance, and administrative tasks. Custom hospice software can surpass OTSS by addressing the specific needs of a hospice’s patient population and staff requirements, thereby enhancing patient care and streamlining documentation. For example, a custom solution might include unique modules for family communication or integrations with community services that are not typically found in OTSS.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

    EHR software is a digital collection of patient health information, and a custom EHR can greatly benefit healthcare providers by being tailored to their unique workflow, which may not be adequately supported by OTSS. Custom EHRs can offer advanced features such as bespoke reporting tools, unique user interfaces designed for the provider’s specialties, and specialised integration capabilities with other healthcare technologies, ultimately leading to a more efficient and error-reducing practice.

Software for healthcare.

Modern technologies allow for the use of mobile applications in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare and mobile medical apps may in fact be among the most valuable apps that users download. Such solutions require, however, good design, professional implementation and the reliable support services that you can get at HeadChannel.

We build web applications for clients across the UK and Europe.

At HeadChannel, we translate the needs and goals of our clients into reliable software featuring utility, ease of use and efficiency. We provide state-of-the-art technical solutions that minimize both future operational costs and risks.

By implementing the best UX and CX practices, top technologies and project management methodologies, we give our clients a competitive advantage in business. Enterprises, service providers, small businesses, and governments are looking not only for cloud solutions to solve some of their biggest business and technology challenges. And we are open and ready to support them with our knowledge, experience and skills.

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