7 ways to utilise NFC in your business

7 ways to utilise NFC in your business

‘Near Field Communications’ or NFC, is quickly becoming a valuable tool in business marketing strategies

What is NFC? In short, NFC is a type of standards-based technology that is used to provide short-range, two-way communication between electronic devices. Still unclear? If you’ve ever seen or used the contactless credit card readers offered by some stores and restaurants as a payment method, you’ve already been exposed to NFC technology.

However, NFC technology isn’t just a device-to-device technology. It has since grown to include the use of tags, which allow for even more expanded use of NFC in business. The more commonplace it becomes, the more ways businesses are discovering NFC can be used in their marketing efforts. Here are seven smart ways you can use NFC in your business.

  1.  Contactless payments
    This was the initial primary function for using NFC in business, and countless businesses got on board. Contactless payments make real-time payment transactions a breeze, which enhances the UX by speeding up the checkout line. The contactless payment idea extends to B2B as well. Among other NFC ideas, a business could include the technology on their printed invoices, and that would allow business customers to pay quickly using their mobile devices.
  2. Promotional materials
    For businesses that maintain a brick-and-mortar store, NFC marketing is a breeze. When printing posters, newsletters, or other promotional materials, you can include an NFC tag that can be read by a consumer’s NFC-enabled mobile device. Whatever you choose to insert in the tag can be read by the phone or tablet, and your customers will reap the rewards. Ideas to embed include a 25% off coupon, bonus rewards points, or even the ability to purchase tickets to an event.
  3. Product information
    One of the most commonly used NFC ideas, which has taken off within the last two years involves providing easily accessed product and service information to in-store shoppers. Like promotional perks, NFC technology can be included on product displays so that when shoppers access it they receive detailed information about the product, a recipe, craft idea, or other applicable content.
  4. Track employess
    Here’s another NFC idea for a business that enhances the consumer’s in-store experience. NFC can be used to monitor employees to determine who is available for assisting a customer, who is on break, who has clocked in, and where an employee stands with their tasks. When a manager has such vital information available by merely waving a phone over an NFC tag, they are instantly equipped with everything they need to know to help keep their store running smoothly.
  5. Social media check-in
    NFC tags can be placed at the entrance of stores so that when a customer heads in they can use it to check social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. This offers priceless exposure for the business, and the interaction can bolster the customer’s brand loyalty. A business could even offer a perk for going online, such as the same visit discount.
  6. Meeting of the minds
    Business meetings can run more efficiently, and resources such as paper and ink can be saved, by incorporating NFC technology into the meeting. The short-range technology is ideal for situations where information needs to change hands. For example, files and other documents can be shared with co-workers with just a wave of the phone or tablet. That way, everyone has a copy of the item being discussed, and no resources are wasted
  7. Free wi-fi
    Talk about enhancing the customer’s experience. NFC tags can be programmed to allow free in-store Wi-Fi to your customers. By simply waving their mobile device over the strategically placed tags, your customers can access the internet in your store without the need for a password.

NFC technology has quietly come into its own, and the list of phones and other devices that are NFC-capable is getting longer all the time. Even though it is still considered to be an emerging technology, the use of NFC is growing very rapidly. As is evident by the list, the biggest perk about using NFC in business is its versatility. There are already countless applications for it, and the list keeps growing. Do you already use NFC in your business marketing strategy? If so, how?

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