8 advantages of bespoke software (part 2)

Bespoke software tailors to specific needs, enhancing control, maintenance, scalability, and automation, offering unique advantages over generic off-the-shelf solutions, vital for business growth and efficiency.

The undeniable advantages of bespoke software solutions are attracting more and more companies. The system is designed and developed to meet all of your specific requirements and, thus, to help your business succeed. However, many still believe custom software is only dedicated to unique industries. As bespoke software development specialists, we want to show you that every business can benefit from it.

As opposed to tailor-made solutions, there are off-the-shelf products. Such software is developed for the mass market to meet the needs of as many companies as possible. Unfortunately, the most popular functionalities are not always enough. This is why it is sometimes better not to go with the flow. I have explained the differences between off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions here.

How bespoke software helps you daily

In part one, I have discussed the advantages of tailor-made solutions which enable your company to grow in the long term. With proper features, you and your employees can learn to manage your time better and save money, which helps your business to remain competitive and prosper. Now, I want to explain how bespoke software solutions can help you become more productive and thus improve the general workflow of your organisation.


The hardest part of running a business is owning it. When you feel unstable, things may get out of control. Luckily, bespoke software can help in gaining it back because of the following:

Time – keeping things in order is essential when working effectively. Spending hours on a task equals wasting not only time but also money. A custom solution can help you to become more productive by displaying all the accomplished and upcoming tasks in one place.

Leadership – you are not the only person who can waste your company’s time and money. Behind you, an entire team of employees may feel the same. A tailor-made system allows you to control and influence their effectiveness. By collecting the data, you can provide them with meaningful feedback.

Managing branches – again, your department may not be the only one in your company. Managing several sectors without proper software seems impossible while using a bespoke solution can help you to regain the necessary workflow.

How HeadChannel helped

Manufacturers may find it hard to monitor all of their stocks. However, any inaccuracy on any production level may make it impossible to deliver the product. That is why we designed and developed a multi-user order processing system which allows a manufacturer to monitor the stocks and thus improve the company’s workflow. They can generate and store invoices from all of the purchases. The platform is also equipped with a business intelligence tool that displays all the data.


With off-the-shelf systems, you are almost left alone when dealing with a problem or a bug. That is why maintenance is the most significant advantage of bespoke software solutions. The developers help you with:

Stability – your individually crafted software is never done. After it is released and ready to use, the development team monitors the solution and is prepared to fix any bug you report. That way, you can be sure that a ceaseless and equally efficient workflow can be achieved.

Security – because your software is one of a kind, it is challenging to hack it. Not only that, it also seems to be pointless. Hacking a single system requires hours of hard work, so hackers usually target solutions produced for the mass market. Using bespoke software can thus protect your data.

Flexibility – tailor-made software is developed to meet your requirements. The developers make sure you understand the solution and feel comfortable with it. If you discover it lacks some features or find them hard to use, the development team is ready to fix it for you.


Buying new commercial software that adjusts to your growing expectations is often necessary when your business evolves. Bespoke software, on the contrary, evolves along with your business. You can benefit from its scalability due to:

Speed – when buying a new feature to your existing off-the-shelf system or enabling access for one more employee, there is a risk that the software will slow down dramatically. In the case of bespoke software, you are free to grow. The solution can handle multiple users and various functionalities, so you do not have to worry about its seamless work.

Direction shift – it is not only your company that evolves; the market is constantly changing. If your responsibilities or interests change even slightly, there is no need to change the software. Bespoke software development companies are ready to upgrade or adjust the features to what you need.

Integration – very often, companies are forced to use several commercial software solutions daily as no single package would answer all of their needs. The development team can easily integrate them into one, improving your workflow. Moreover, bespoke software is then ready to be integrated with another system.

How HeadChannel helped

Old and experienced companies often do not follow the newest technologies and rely on their software, which they built many years ago. Not only are they used to their solution, they are also afraid of a new one. However, when a company connecting sales professionals asked us to renovate their old platform, we could add many features and enable many new employees to access the solution thanks to its scalability. Their customers can now pay for and renew their licence directly from the platform and access it from their mobile phones.


There is still a vast number of companies that work manually when they could easily automate over half of their processes and tasks. Nowadays, automating should not be seen as a choice but as an opportunity that helps your company remain competitive. By supporting these processes, bespoke software can have a significant impact on the following:

Time – no doubt writing everything down and then typing it into a computer takes ages, not to mention checking for errors and misspellings. A proper feature can save you and your employees hours of exhausting work.

Reach – one of the many advantages of automation is enabling its users to go beyond their limits. Not only does it save your time, but it also allows you to expand your database, reach many more potential customers and thus increase your sales, especially in marketing.

Quality – time is indeed money, but what matters most is the quality of your work. Automating some of the processes may help you avoid all the errors and ambiguities you would meet when working manually.

How HeadChannel helped

One of our clients needed a staff recruitment platform for both companies looking for temporary employees and people seeking a flexible job. Everyone can access the solution from their personalised profiles. Automating most tasks allows job seekers to manage their calendars and recruiters better – quickly finding the best-fitting candidates. That way, both sides can find more valuable offers.

As you can see, many of these advantages overlap as they are clearly inseparable. Saving time allows you to save money, saving money will enable you to grow, etc. Investing in a bespoke software solution is investing in your future and the quality of your work. Improving your workflow and boosting your productivity can make you love what you do.

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