8 benefits of using recruitment software

Recruitment software streamlines hiring processes, enhancing efficiency and candidate reach, essential for businesses in a dynamic job market.

In an ever-evolving job market, recruitment is a continuous process. Both recruitment companies and HR departments are always looking for new talent. However, the growing need to identify and hire more and more qualified and experienced employees may significantly harm the efficiency of your business. Luckily, there is a solution suitable and accessible for every company: recruitment software.

With recruitment software on board, your company can automate many hiring processes and thus spend time handling more challenging tasks. Not only does the automation save hours of work, but it also allows you to reach far more candidates and identify the right employees. If you would like to know what else recruitment software has to offer, keep on reading.

Bespoke recruitment software

Due to its growing popularity, a wide range of recruitment software is on the market. However, there is an important thing every business should consider before buying an off-the-shelf software solution. Since they are produced to meet the requirements of as many recruiters as possible, they are often equipped with multiple functionalities your company will never use. It is thus more reasonable to have bespoke software designed and developed to suit your organisation’s exact needs.

Main problems of recruiters

Before acquiring a recruitment software solution, you need to know what problems it should solve. The most common issues, which often slow down the workflow of recruiters and which indicate it is time to implement recruitment software, are:

1. Competing for talent

When your recruitment processes take too long, you can lose perfect candidates to your competitors, especially when hiring for the most challenging industries, such as IT and engineering. Performing all of the operations manually slows down your workflow, which frustrates you and negatively impacts the candidate experience.

2. Experiencing a lack of collaboration

Without an immediate information flow between all the recruiters, you often may find a few of your employees handling the same task and thus wasting both time and money. While hiring, it is necessary for recruiters to cooperate and to regularly send updates to their team members so that others can easily handle their operations.

3. Drowning in paperwork

Recruiters often filter through piles of resumes and job applications to find this perfect candidate. No matter the format, keeping track of all the CVs a company receives is almost impossible. This may lead to disobeying hiring laws (concerning how long you can keep candidate records) and, more importantly, making a bad hire.

Benefits of recruitment software

You can quickly ease these and many other hiring problems by powering your recruitment processes with the right technology. A recruitment software solution enables you and your team to:

1. Speed up the recruitment process

You can access all the necessary information and reach candidates and employers from anywhere and at any time of the day. You are continuously updated as all changes are introduced automatically to the system. It allows you to reduce the time it takes to identify and hire the right people.

2. Grow your database

There is no longer a need to filter through piles of papers when you can store all resumes and job applications in one place. You may also enable candidates to log into the platform and upload their CVs, allowing you to achieve a wider reach.

3. Reduce administration work

You can save work hours once you automate posting jobs on several job-board sites. Imagine posting a job to various job boards with a single click! With recruitment software, you can also use a shared calendar and thus simplify scheduling interviews.

4. Increase hire quality

Storing all the resumes in one place also enables you to find better candidates in a much shorter period of time, as you can classify the received CVs into various categories and then filter them while searching for candidates with specific skills. That way, you make sure you match potential candidates to suitable job positions.

5. Improve communication

Using one system, recruiters can stay updated on every task their team handles. As well as this, they can correct any information taken on a candidate during every stage of the recruitment process, keeping all of your notes attached. Digitally moving candidates through the process helps you treat all candidates equally.

6. Keep track of job applicants

To ensure you consider each of the applicants while filling open job positions, the system automatically updates any action taken on a candidate, with all your notes attached. Moving candidates through the hiring stages online allows you to ensure that none of the applications goes missing.

7. Improve your performance

You can also provide better performance by keeping track of all of your candidates. Once you analyse how many job positions you fill and how many candidates you reject in each hiring stage, you can notice essential inefficiencies and opportunities to become a better recruiter.

8. Secure sensitive data

While hiring, you gain access to extremely personal details of each candidate. Using a recruitment software solution, you can be sure they are all stored in one secured and encrypted place and can only be accessed by you and your team.

Managing all of the hiring processes is more than complex when performed manually. With a recruitment software solution, you can easily automate multiple hiring processes, improve your business operations and focus on identifying the right talent.

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