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Are you looking for a new construction software?

Many challenges lie ahead for the industry post lockdown. Right from availability of workforce, supply of raw materials, monitoring workers’ health at the site, are a few issues to name.

Many companies within the construction industry are starting to take a greater look at the software and tools they have in place and are realising it may be time for an upgrade. It is increasingly important for these companies to have fully-functioning software that helps to align all tasks, projects and data in one place.
Construction projects are particularly impacted by slow, outdated systems, as they are required to reach their goals at a given schedule, budget and quality.

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Why construction projects benefit from updated software

If you are managing a construction project, you are tasked with ensuring everything goes to plan. The tasks involved with construction management need relevant expertise, the right tools and experience. As a construction project manager, you will need to build a strong working relationship with the multiple agents involved in your project.

This is partly why having the right project management tool can make a significant difference to the delivery and outcome of the project, helping you to streamline your work. However, finding the right project management tool can often be overwhelming, with so many choices it can be difficult to understand what best suits your needs. Furthermore, out of the box solutions can often not cover all of your needs OR can include a large list of additional and unnecessary functions which would leave you with a large bill at the end. With that said, there are a few things that you need to consider before you start your search for a construction project management software.

The most important features construction software should have

A helpful software checklist

Here is a construction software checklist with questions that can help you reach the best decision:

  • Will the system help streamline work?
  • Will the platform assist with real-time project management?
  • Will the software improve both tracking and accountability?
  • Is the software able to provide you with accurate results?
  • Can the software be integrated with other products?
  • Does the software help modernise your project or business?
  • What is the overall cost of running the software?
  • Does the provider offer technical support for the system?
  • Does the provider offer training for the software?
  • Is the software intended to be used on multiple computers?
  • Can the system be accessed via mobile?
  • Will a transition onto a new system compromise your data security?
  • Do you need a web-based or on-site solution?
A helpful software checklist

The most important features construction software should have

Once you have answered those questions, here are a few features that you should also look out for when picking a system.

  • Real-time Updates: As well as needing to be able to keep track of what’s going on around your project instantaneously, stakeholders should also be able to estimate the construction project completion time. The system should give you the ability to monitor the progress of your project at any moment.
  • Easy to use reporting tools: The system should have a simple reporting tool in order to empower communication between all sides. This will increase productivity within the project and simplify task management.
  • Unlimited accessibility: While working on a construction project, unhindered access to the project is key. It is therefore essential that the system can be accessed through a mobile platform. You have to be able to use your mobile on-site and report on project updates.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting: The system should be able to securely store all your information. Top level security for all your data is crucial.
  • Issue Tracking: You should be able to track issues easily within the system by documenting them so that stakeholders are able to follow up.

Once you have researched the project management tools out there, go over the questions and key features listed above and ask yourself whether there is anything missing. This will help you to find a solution that can save your business a lot of time and money. At Headchannel we have strong experience building bespoke software solutions within the construction industry, not only helping our clients streamline their workflow and complete projects smoothly, but ensuring they have a long-lasting tool which caters to all their unique business needs. Furthermore, we provide assistance with training, user adoption and tool maintenance, to help clients get the most out of their project management tool.

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