HeadChannel nominated to the UK APP Awards

HeadChannel nominated to the UK APP Awards

The nominated application designed by us together with the Method, puts its users for 24 hours in the shoes of someone with a serious illness including Crohn’s disease, heart failure, cancer and other medical conditions.


The Method team had carried out extensive research on each disease, worked with patients and healthcare professionals to develop interactive challenges, which show physical, emotional and social impact of each condition on the patient. A typical experience might include up to 150 inter-related challenges, with different consequences depending on the user’s actions.

a  life in a day app

As Mark Doyle, director from the Method says:

“The app is a unique and totally immersive experience that measurably increases empathy and awareness for participants”.

The app has the potential for wider applications. It could assist doctors, nurses, social housing managers and others within the wider care environment. It could also help managers at corporations to develop more soft skills and provide human resources professionals with insights into how to support employees who are struggling with health conditions.

Take a closer look at the case study.

The UK App Awards celebrate and reward excellence in apps developed in the UK or for the UK market. The awards are judged by a panel of 17 industry leaders and experts. Each of the 29 categories recognises exceptional design and UX in a range of verticals and there are awards for agencies, individuals and in-house teams.

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