HeadChannel supports small businesses across London and all of the United Kingdom

HeadChannel, a leading London software firm, champions small businesses, aiding their growth through bespoke design and development amid COVID-19 challenges.

Here at HeadChannel, you know us as the leading software development firm in all of London and the United Kingdom. We’ve assisted clients large and small with everything from high-profile custom software development for multinational conglomerates to web development for a mom-and-pop shop on the corner in Notting Hill. Regardless of the client or the product, we give the same high-quality effort where our passion for design and development shines through.

Today, we want to single out small businesses for praise and recognition. We are a small business ourselves, as our small and dedicated team in London makes up the backbone of our business. Like how our teammates make up the backbone of our small business, small businesses make up the backbone of the economy. Small businesses drive the economy in London, the United Kingdom, and the world!

We’re incredibly proud to be based in London! Small businesses thrive in London, and we’re at the forefront of small businesses throughout greater London and the entire United Kingdom!

Lately, small businesses in the United Kingdom have been hurting due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. We’ve been doing our part to help small businesses by assisting in design and development so that they can relaunch stronger than ever!

Another way that you can help small businesses is to leave a rating and a review on your favourite businesses’ ratings and reviews platform of choice! If you love your corner pub, leave them a review on Yelp! If you love that restaurant down the street, leave them a review on TripAdvisor! If you love that local London-based B2B service provider, leave them a review on The Manifest!

The Manifest allows you to consult agency listings as you find top companies to hire. They have a team of dedicated analysts who take the time to independently verify each and every client review they conduct, and then they curate the content so that you’re receiving the best information.

Our stellar 4.4-star average on The Manifest is a testament to our work! In a recent 5.0-star review, the director of Property Magnate, David Harding, praised our development for a real estate game, calling our team invested, enthusiastic, and skilled!

We’re incredibly grateful to small businesses across London, the United Kingdom, and the world. If you’re looking for help with your small business, please reach out to us today!

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