How does automation affect your small business?

Automation in business enhances productivity and efficiency by streamlining tasks, reducing errors, and improving customer experience and decision-making processes.

Be more productive, be more effective

When thinking of automation, many people see thousands of robots taking over our jobs and starting another era. However, this broad term can be nothing but beneficial to your company. Business process automation has been here for many years now and works well for all businesses, regardless of their size and industry. According to the 2019 Automation Report, one of many advantages of automation in the workplace is the possibility of becoming more productive, confirmed by over 80% of respondents. How exactly can automation affect your small business?

What is business processes automation?

Given its broad meaning, automation often causes a lot of controversies. It might mean replacing manpower when performing physical processes, for example, product assembly. Still, it can also stand for streamlining various repetitive tasks performed by entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis, including sending marketing emails, introducing data to spreadsheets and generating reports. The best way to add automation to your business is by implementing a software solution, either bespoke or off-the-shelf, which can easily replace various internal systems, helping your business grow as a result.

Benefits of business processes automation

Thanks to business processes automation, you can streamline multiple processes in your organisation and focus on more challenging tasks which need to be performed with greater care and attention. Every business completes various activities which are highly time-consuming and often prevent a company from creating a stimulating work environment.

With automation on board, you ensure a seamless data flow between all of your departments, in addition to:

1. Saving time The most significant advantage of automating multiple business operations is the possibility to save hours of work and thus focus on more challenging tasks. You no longer need to introduce data to the system manually or send marketing emails to each of your customers. A software solution can do it for you.

2. Reducing manual errors When performing repetitive tasks manually, it is easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately, some of them, for example, introducing wrong information to the system, might influence the decision-making processes in your company and lead to failure. Automating these tasks reduces the number of errors, allowing you to build a reliable database and make more accurate business decisions.

3. Streamlining workflow If you want your company to remain competitive, you need to ensure it can complete several projects at a time. To improve the processes, you can automate task management and thus build a transparent work environment where employees can easily track the progress of their colleagues and stay motivated. It also improves their collaboration when they can effortlessly exchange information and keep everyone updated.

4. Centralising communication Choosing one communication channel enables everyone involved in the project to stay updated. However, a software solution that allows for sending files and setting up reminders improves collaboration even more. By building centralised communication, you ensure all departments can easily communicate with each other and exchange information.

5. Improving customer experience One of the most significant advantages of business automation is the possibility to enhance customer satisfaction by streamlining the communication flow. You can easily send automated messages to ensure clients that their cases are being handled, whether it is a complaint or a simple question. Responding in real time allows you to build your brand loyalty effortlessly.

6. Gaining efficiency Modern technologies enable both you and your competitors to grow in a short period. Automation allows you to streamline not just repetitive tasks but also many others. For example, sending thank you emails to each of your customers which does not bring direct profit but helps you build your brand while you focus on more challenging business operations.

7. Streaming communication No doubt, automating business processes may be beneficial to your company, but how can you know for sure without analysing data? Automation allows you to quickly and, more importantly, accurately gather and analyse real-time business data concerning your overall performance, as well as each of your business operations and thus helps you make more accurate business decisions.

How to start with automation

When introducing automation to your company for the first time, it is best to start with bespoke software. The solution is designed and developed to meet your exact needs and thus enables you to automate all of the vital business processes in your company. Buying an off-the-shelf solution is often a compromise since it may have either too many or too few features. You can find more about why bespoke software is more beneficial to your business here.

Even though automation may have some negative connotations, automating your business processes is nothing but beneficial. It allows you to improve the overall workflow and create a healthy and stimulating work environment in your organisation while, quite literally, doing the job for you.

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