Ideas for business mobile apps

Leveraging mobile apps increases business visibility and marketing reach, offering direct customer engagement, diverse functionalities, and cross-platform compatibility for broader audience appeal and increased respect.

How not to lose the critical out-of-sight

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to have more visibility than others regarding marketing channels? While you may suspect it’s due to a big marketing budget, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The secret to some businesses’ successful and broad reach comes down to a straightforward solution: a mobile app. No longer is it only the big brands that can take advantage of all the benefits that mobile apps offer.

A website is no longer enough

Even if your website is mobile-friendly, this is no longer enough to create an effective mobile strategy. But what are the real benefits of creating a mobile app?

First, your company will always be in front of its customers. With your mobile app, you can reach the average person who spends over two hours daily on their mobile devices. Second, having a mobile app means creating a direct marketing channel and being a valuable source of information for customers. As you provide them with information, you can also implement push notifications that make them consider interacting with your company further.

What kind of app should you create?

When considering what kind of app to create and offer, the possibilities are virtually endless. However, your app should offer lots of value to your customers and allow you access to their buying habits. There are a million ideas out there for apps, but here are just a few.

A mobile register

Imagine being able to receive payments from customers wherever they are located. This is possible with a mobile register app. Your business ad can appear on a customer’s screen whenever they complete a purchase or take some other action while using the app.

A business social network app

Many of your customers may also be business owners themselves. So why not create an app that makes it easier for them to get information onto their own business social media account? It could be a way to make posts automatic or something they can offer to their own customers. Either way, your advertising can be inside.

Help busy customers save time

Your customers are likely to lead busy lives, both in and away from their jobs. So why not create an app that solves a common problem all of them have? It could be an app which helps them maximise their commute, allows them to make grocery lists effortlessly, or maybe keeps the kids occupied when they need a little downtime. Can you see your logo as the backdrop for a video game or shopping list? Your customers could if they had your app.

Help them to help themselves

A healthy customer who feels good will be more inclined to buy more from you. So why not help them along with a health app? A pedometer can keep track of how many steps they take in a day, while one that shows them popular cycling paths in their city could encourage them to ride.

Create for multiple platforms

Although some mobile brands may be more popular than others, it’s essential to keep in mind that many consumers don’t jump on the bandwagon whenever a new device comes out. Creating an app that’s compatible with as many devices as possible will not only allow your business to market to a broader audience. Still, it will also earn the respect of customers who may be using older or less popular devices. And respect can quickly translate into money.

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