Increase workplace safety in post-pandemic times with AI

AI technology ensures mask compliance on construction sites by automating detection, offering real-time monitoring, enhancing safety, and boosting business prospects through adherence to health regulations.

How to use AI to ensure your employees are wearing masks on the construction site

Due to the ongoing pandemic, UK regulations – in alignment with many other countries – are increasingly enforcing the use of masks both in the public sphere and in many workplaces. This is particularly prevalent for those working in the construction industry. Face masks have emerged as a simple and effective strategy for minimising the spread of the virus and allowing business activities and work on construction sites to resume. However, consistently monitoring employees to check whether they are wearing face masks is difficult and time-consuming, putting a greater strain on company resources.

AI face mask detection

In order to help monitor and incentivise the use of face masks at work, many companies – such as likes of Uber and Apple – are turning to AI and machine learning solutions. AI-enabled video analytics can detect subjects with or without face masks, send notifications to your control centre and run reports to assess compliance levels.

Furthermore, this AI software is compatible with all cameras, including surveillance cameras and those equipped with drones. It is specifically designed to identify faces and classify them as wearing or not wearing a mask. Additionally, the solution can provide real-time notifications to the operator, providing information on the non-compliant employees.

Ensure compliance in the workplace

The development of this AI technology comes as many countries and private organisations are mandating wearing face masks as part of ongoing efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus beyond lockdown.

By implementing similar technology in your own company, you will be able to ensure all employees are being compliant and all health and safety procedures are being followed; you will be:

  • Ensuring all employees are being compliant and health and safety procedures are being followed
  • Effectively decreasing the possibility of the virus spreading among employees
  • Increasing your chances of gaining new business through showcasing the technology at hand on your projects
  • Increasing resources through automating a previously time-consuming task

The use of AI in the workplace to ensure the use of face masks amongst employees has a multitude of benefits; the technology will also continue to provide benefits to your company in the long term – improving compliance, health and safety and allowing for greater automation. To find out more, contact us on 020 7099 6399.

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